Midcontinent to use aioTV PassBox to add OTT content

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
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Midcontinent Communications and aioTV Initiate Strategy to Unify Existing Multi-channel Service with IP Content and Services

DENVER, COLORADO USA — Just after receiving a US patent grant for their technology, aioTV, a global provider of middleware and back-office tools for video service providers, today announced Midcontinent Communications and aioTV will initiate a strategic project using the aioTV PassBox to deliver online services, apps and streaming Internet content along with Midcontinent’s existing multi-channel in a single consumer experience.

“We are driving the transformation of TV that leverages the advances in IP streaming,” said Mike Earle, aioTV CEO. “Service providers need a unified TV experience to satisfy consumers shift in video consumption across multiple sources of content.”

The aioTV platform leverages a service provider’s existing infrastructure and provides the tools and functionality to easily package and deliver OTT content and advanced IP services – including 4K unified with existing multi-channel service offerings in an integrated user experience.

“aioTV provides the unique ability to merge multiple sources of content platforms into a single experience that subscribers are familiar with. We see the delivery of IP content and multi-channel in a unified experience from a single HDMI adding strategic value to our core video and Internet business,” said Gary Shawd, Vice President of Information Systems at Midcontinent Communications.