Exset launches QR Code TV app for return path purchase in unconnected homes

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
Exset logo

THE NETHERLANDS — Exset, pioneers of TV ecosystems for enhanced digital TV services, has today announced the launch of a TV-based QR code app powered by its DMS 2.0 digital TV technology for its customers This value-add app sits alongside a host of other DMS-powered apps suitable for low-cost STBs.

The DMS QR code app provides a return path for the disconnected home via low-cost set-top box and mobile. The QR app allows advertisers to place the code on their TV advert. This can then be scanned by the subscriber via the TV screen using a basic smartphone or tablet, taking the user to the advertiser’s precise website or product page on their mobile via 3G/4G connectivity.

Andrew Pons, Global Director of Sales and Marketing with Exset, says, “There are vast swathes of the world’s population that don’t have fixed line or Wi-Fi internet access in the home and highly likely never will. At the same time we are seeing an increase in 3G and 4G networks, and devices capable of running on them, even in emerging markets. This provides a way to drive traffic to a website via TV advertising using the mobile phone network, giving a monetisation path for both advertiser and digital TV platform provider. We are unique in doing this in homes which are broadcast-only.”

Exset’s DMS is a unique business and technology model that makes pay-TV self-financing without depending exclusively on subscriber fees for revenue. DMS bridges the gap between technology and value-added service creation, producing digital television platforms that can be monetised where previously it was virtually impossible. This allows populations to benefit from new information and entertainment services while operators and governments, when partnering with Exset, monetise digital switchover and assist in bringing about social transformation.