Panasonic and ViXS collaborate on UHD 4K streaming for AX800 TVs

Friday, October 31st, 2014
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Panasonic and ViXS Collaborate on Updated UHD 4K Streaming Services Functions for AX800 TVs

  • New Functions in the Panasonic AX800 Include Support for UHD 4K Netflix Streaming Services

TORONTO, ON — ViXS Systems Inc. (TSX: VXS), a pioneer and leader in media processing solutions, today announces that Panasonic and ViXS have collaborated on updated UHD 4K functions for Panasonic’s AX800 line of Ultra HD (UHD) 4K TVs, including UHD 4K Netflix streaming services. The ViXS XCode 6400 decoder-powered Panasonic AX800 line of Ultra HD (UHD) 4K TVs supports UHD 4K HEVC at 60 fps with 10-bit HEVC with Rec 2020, allowing Panasonic to move to market rapidly with their UHD 4K TV lineup.

Today’s UHD 4K streaming services are migrating the delivery of high quality programming to end users using High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) in brilliant, highly detailed UHD resolution at 30 fps and furthermore at an ultra-smooth 60 fps. These next generation streams bring more than 1 billion colors to life while delivering visibly smoother color transitions, less “banding” and greater depth resulting in a stunning and immersive viewing experience for the consumer. The video and entertainment industries are witnessing an accelerating growth in UHD 4K 10-bit content and services.

Yuki Kusumi, Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of Panasonic’s Appliances Company with responsibilities which also include Panasonic’s TV business said, “We are delighted that ViXS’ innovation and execution found in the XCode 6400 played a significant role in providing UHD 4K functions, including Netflix streaming services on our AX800 TVs.”

“ViXS is extremely excited to be working with Panasonic, one of the largest consumer electronics brands in the world, on providing their customers the ability to experience Netflix streaming in 4K on the AX800 line of TVs,” said Sally Daub, President and CEO, ViXS Systems Inc. “Panasonic is a highly valued partner of ours, and their decision to choose the XCode 6400 further demonstrates the lead ViXS has in the Ultra HD and HEVC SoC market.”