Giraffic announces MPEG-DASH client trials

Thursday, November 20th, 2014
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Giraffic Accelerates MPEG-DASH, Bringing the Industry Closer to True HD and UHD 4K TV Everywhere

  • Adaptive Video Acceleration™ Bridges the Gap of MPEG-DASH Implementation for CE Device Manufacturers

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Giraffic today announced partner and customer trials that prove the compatibility and performance benefits of its Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA) for MPEG-DASH. The news adds to adaptive streaming standards supported and enhanced by AVA, such as HLS and Smooth Streaming, positioning Giraffic as a leader in video acceleration and MPEG-DASH performance.

Giraffic AVA enables true HD and UHD 4K across a wider selection of content and devices, and enables device manufacturers to seamlessly support the various adaptive streaming protocols, including the varieties of MPEG-DASH. MPEG-DASH is the industry’s emerging adaptive bitrate streaming standard. It has yet to be fully standardized, making it difficult for device manufacturers to support each of the many content providers and apps. Additionally, just like with other adaptive streaming protocols, varying network conditions may prevent users from experiencing true HD and certainly UHD 4K TV quality.

“MPEG-DASH aims to unify adaptive streaming, enabling a higher interoperability between platforms and devices for easier large-scale commercial deployments,” said Yoel Zanger, CEO and Founder of Giraffic. “By accelerating MPEG-DASH, Giraffic supports the industry efforts towards offering uncompromised true HD and UHD 4K TV.”

Giraffic’s AVA is a client-side network throughput optimization technology that offers consumers high definition video without re-buffering pauses or reliance on streaming resolution reduction technology. Additionally, content providers that deploy MPEG-DASH can now offer higher resolution streams for increased viewer engagement and revenue. Device manufacturers can support more video apps that are transitioning to MPEG-DASH, as well as guarantee quality-of–service, enabling true HD and UHD 4K over challenging network conditions, and making their devices more appealing to the end-user. Leading device and chipset vendors have partnered with Giraffic in support of the MPEG-DASH trials, demonstrating:

  • More than triple (350%) the resolution obtained without AVA (e.g. 4.2 Mbps Vs 1.2 Mbps).
  • Quality-of-Service: Sustained highest available resolution video playback until end of a full-length movie, consistently and without fluctuations or any drops in quality.
  • Maximal bandwidth utilization
  • Maximum streaming user experience: with AVA; e.g. a 20Mbps subscriber can view 15-20Mbps streams consistently, independent of other network congestion or weak home network Wi-Fi.

Giraffic’s technology appeals to major device manufacturers and content providers who work in partnership to add AVA to their products, validating AVA importance in the marketplace and proving that its simple client integration is ideal for large-scale, fast deployments.

Giraffic will be conducting demos of its technology at the CES conference in January. To set up a meeting, please contact