One-third of smart TVs compatible with the Smart TV Alliance development toolkit

Monday, January 5th, 2015
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58 Million LG Electronics, Panasonic, TP Vision and Toshiba Smart TVs Now Offer Smart TV Alliance Development Compatibility

  • App developers build once and publish everywhere with common developer portal, reaching more devices and users faster

SAN RAMON, Calif. — Application developers registered with the Smart TV Alliance develop applications for 58 million smart TVs in a single, integrated process within the Smart TV Alliance Common Developer Portal. One-third of the world’s smart TVs are now compatible with the Smart TV Alliance development toolkit.

The Common Developer Portal reduces the time and cost of application development by resolving development inefficiencies and uniting the fragmented smart TV market.

“We always leverage the Smart TV Alliance platform for the development of our apps,” said Bertrand Issard, CEO, Ngine. “Their common process grants us certification and publication of our apps on four out of five major TV brands in one go, saving us significant time and resources versus what we used to invest in the past. It is a no-brainer.”

More than 6,000 developers have registered to develop and publish their applications in the portal since it opened in June 2014. Developer participation has increased by an average of 1,000 registrations each month, filling a pipeline of new, multi-manufacturer smart TV apps in 2015.

“Our product development across multiple platforms is further enabled by the momentum and unity generated behind the Smart TV Alliance, which we are proud to be a part of,” said Tamir Goren, vice president, Digital Media Group, TransGaming. “Working through the Smart TV Alliance developer portal continues to expand TransGaming’s reach to millions of consumers while further promoting GameTree TV as the de-facto gaming solution for Smart TVs.”

The Alliance’s software development kit continues to evolve with improvements that assure app developers of its market responsiveness and relevance. SDK 4.0, available later this month, will include support for the most recent Version 4.0 specification, as well as enhanced emulator and validation functions. Developers will now be able to run multi-resolution apps and use more video and audio formats. In parallel to the release of SDK 4.0, Smart TV Alliance continues to strengthen device compatibility monitoring by enhancing internal device conformance tools.