Smart TV Alliance Specification v4.0 published

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
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More Than 4,000 Developers Download Smart TV Alliance SDK on Build Once, Publish Everywhere Common Developer Portal

  • App providers keep 100 percent with “All the Revenue is Yours” offer

SAN RAMON, Calif. — IBC2014 — More than 4,000 smart TV application developers are working with the Smart TV Alliance Common Developer Portal, which launched in June, to build smart TV apps in a single, integrated process for multi-manufacturer publication. The portal simplifies the development and testing process and triggers publication across multiple TV manufacturers, allowing smart TV apps to reach more devices and users faster.

The first apps launched from the Common Developer Portal include AOL On, Anixe Mediathek, Baeble Music, Innovation TV and Lifeshow Player. They will be available for LG, TP Vision (for Philips), Toshiba and Panasonic smart TVs. Apps under development in the portal include video on demand, news, gaming, social networking and more.

A new “All the Revenue is Yours” offer allows app providers to keep 100 percent of app revenues, increasing the value of building and publishing apps in the Common Developer Portal. Under this offer, revenue sharing is suspended through 2015 for developers who register in 2014. More details are available on the Smart TV Alliance website.

“Developing and publishing your app in the Common Developer Portal gives your app a potentially global market,” said Seijiro Yasuki, president of Smart TV Alliance and chief technology executive of Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation. “With our new offer, choosing Smart TV Alliance for your publishing plans kick-starts your revenue opportunity, too.”

Currently, LG Electronics, TP Vision (for Philips), Toshiba and Panasonic smart TVs will display the apps when published. The Smart TV Alliance welcomes new members to join the Common Developer Portal and tap into this new source for smart TV applications.

Alliance Releases Specification v4.0

The Alliance has published Smart TV Alliance Specification v4.0 for developers on the Common Developer Portal.

Specification v4.0 provides updates and bug fixes for the spec, as well as new features, including:

  • International support and accessibility, making subtitles and multi-audio support mandatory
  • Improved and updated UHD support
  • Optional support for EME and MSE for media streaming and digital rights management
  • Optional support for Network Service Discovery, enabling apps to discover other devices in the home, which supports the smart home

Developers can register, develop, QA test and publish Smart TV Alliance applications for multiple manufacturers’ smart TVs here.

Developer meetings at IBC

Alliance leaders will meet with smart TV app developers and content partners at IBC in Amsterdam, September 12-15, 2014.