Smart TV Alliance introduces SDK 4.0 toolkit

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
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Smart TV Alliance Toolkit Adds Version 4.0 Spec and Smart Home Support, Enhances Emulator and Validation for App Development

SAN RAMON, Calif. — Smart TV application developers can develop apps faster with the new Smart TV Alliance software development kit. New and updated toolkit features help developers reach the Alliance’s 58 million compatible smart TVs in a single, integrated process through the Smart TV Alliance Common Developer Portal.

SDK 4.0 includes support for the most recent Version 4.0 specification, and is compatible with earlier versions. Developers will now be able to run multi-resolution apps and use more video and audio formats with:

  • Device emulator for Smart TV Alliance Smart Home Specification 1.0
  • User agent customization to build a more flexible browser environment
  • Allowance for multiple browser resolution
  • Network Service Discovery option
  • Update of CSS, HTML and JavaScript validation

More than 6,000 developers have registered in the Common Developer Portal to develop, test and publish their apps once for all compatible LG, TP Vision (for Philips), Toshiba and Panasonic smart TVs. Portal registration and use is free and developers can upgrade to premium technical support.

Free Premium Tech Support

Premium level support in the Common Developer Portal is free for new and existing basic developers under a 2015 developer incentive program. Basic level developers who meet one of three requirements are promoted to premium level support for free, gaining unlimited app submissions, Skype support on technical questions and faster responses on quality assurance issues.

When basic level developers achieve one of the following conditions, their accounts will be upgraded to premium support:

  • Submit more than seven apps in the Common Developer Portal in at least two categories, including video, movies, news, information, gaming, lifestyle and sports.
  • Be the most active account in the portal forum by helping others.
  • Submit high-quality apps with no more than two rejections in the QA process.

The promotion runs through Dec. 31, 2015, and basic developers must meet one of the three requirements within that term to earn free premium level support.