Envivio powers Bouygues Telecom video on demand

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
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Envivio Virtualized Software Powers Bouygues Telecom Video on Demand Service

  • French IPTV Provider Chooses Envivio Over Competitors for Video on Demand Transcoding, Multi-Screen Video Processing, and Related Professional Services

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Video software processing, delivery and personalization expert Envivio (Nasdaq:ENVI) today announced that French mobile phone, Internet and IPTV service provider Bouygues Telecom has selected Envivio Muse™ Video on Demand encoding software to power its multi-screen video services in a fully virtualized software environment to millions of subscribers. This deployment was recently launched using VMWare virtualization and Envivio video processing solutions.

Bouygues Telecom chose Envivio Muse™ On-Demand, a fast, high-performance file-based transcoding solution specifically designed for compelling Video On Demand (VOD) premium services over the full range of devices for TV Everywhere.

Bouygues Telecom’s IPTV/OTT Head-end Representative Thibaut Keraval commented, “Thanks to Envivio, we were able to upgrade our network infrastructure to support the latest TV Everywhere on-demand, multi-screen video services without replacing our existing infrastructure, including our virtualized VMWare software and Blade servers, saving us CAPEX, OPEX and a lot of headaches.”

“We designed Envivio Muse to enable operators to build advanced media services into their networks, provide exceptional control processing and significantly reduce operational costs,” said Envivio Vice President-Products and Solutions Boris Felts. “Muse is optimized to run in virtual environments. As a result, it provides great flexibility and elasticity, while also ensuring a robust, reliable and high-quality video service. Unlike with native hardware solutions, our software approach remains unaffected by operating in a virtual environment,” he added.

Muse On Demand can ingest multiple files, transform them into mezzanine files in various resolutions, check their quality automatically, then encrypt and package them just-in-time for each targeted network and device. The whole workflow is automated and designed to limit storage space and the need for re-encoding when a new format emerges.

“Video service providers can easily deploy Envivio software solutions in a virtualized private or public cloud environment, reducing operational costs while also simplifying upgrades and service expansion,” Felts added.

To summarize, video processing developed in-house by Envivio means quality, speed, reliability, and massive output quantity:

  • Automated workflow and quality control: From file ingestion, transcoding, quality control packaging and DRM formatting, the entire process is automated and interfaced with mainstream Content Management Systems and Digital Rights Management servers.
  • Massive scale: The solution was designed to handle hundreds of thousands of assets every day, without interruption.
  • Optimal storage space: The output is left in a mezzanine file format and packaged for the right network/formats just-in-time, only when required. This leads to an impressive 2x to 4x storage space savings.
  • Deploy anywhere: The entire solution is software-based and can be deployed over industry standard servers, in a virtualized environment or in public clouds.