NXP launches contact smart card interface optimized for pay TV

Friday, February 20th, 2015
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NXP Launches New Contact Smart Card Interface optimized for Pay-TV

  • TDA8037 enables lowest cost and highest reliability in 3V smart card applications

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands — NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI), the market leader in contact smart card interface ICs with over one billion ICs sold, today announced the launch of a new contact smart card interface — TDA8037.

Fully optimized for the next generation of pay-TV applications worldwide, the TDA8037 offers high levels of card protection, including short circuit detection and ESD protection. The ability of the TDA8037 to operate in a 3V supply domain makes it ideal for solutions where power efficiency and performance reliability are paramount.

Innovative on-demand services for premium content continue to drive the market for smart card interfaces in set-top box (STB) applications. The power efficient TDA8037 interface device is an ideal solution in the extremely competitive and technically challenging STB landscape. Through close collaboration with Cisco, the leading provider of secure technology solutions for digital pay-TV, the TDA8037 achieved certification and validation thus enabling secure access to premium media content.

“Pay-TV today goes beyond simply paying for movies – it’s about offering new ways for consumers to experience and interact with valuable content. Achieving certification enables the TDA8037 to offer access to premium services via a set-top box quickly and securely; a feature that is strongly supported in the CE industry,” said Paul Hubmer, general manager infrastructure & consumer, NXP Semiconductors. “The ability of the TDA8037 to also operate at 3V is critical as we move to evermore power efficient and reliable systems.”

As well as providing thermal and short circuit protections on all card contacts, the TDA8037 also integrates activation and deactivation sequences. These sequences can be triggered by software or hardware malfunctions, such as short-circuit, card take off, overheating or a significant drop in operating voltage.

Based on its various features, the TDA8037 also supports other demanding consumer applications besides pay-TV, such as identification, computer security and smart metering.

Availability and Support Material

The TDA8037 is available now. Samples, as well as a full support package including the datasheet, application notes, evaluation boards, evaluation software and further information can be accessed via the NXP web site.