One millionth Horizon customers for upc cablecom

Friday, February 20th, 2015 
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upc cablecom welcomes the millionth Liberty Global Horizon customer

upc cablecom yesterday welcomed its millionth Horizon customer. The Liberty Global multimedia platform was launched in Switzerland just over two years ago. The Horizon HD Recorder is also available in Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. Together, these countries have now cracked the million mark.

With the Horizon box and a brand new Samsung Curved TV in tow, Frank Zelger, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at upc cablecom surprised the millionth Horizon customer yesterday in Zurich – who will also benefit from one year’s free access to over 180 channels, 250 Mbit/s Internet and largely free telephony. One million customers use Liberty Global’s multimedia platform in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. Horizon was launched in Switzerland two years ago and has been growing steadily since then. Some 220,000 people in the country currently use the multimedia platform.

Successful “one box for everything model”

Just one single device for television, 250 Mbit/s Internet and telephone – with this promise, upc cablecom created a unique entertainment experience for its customers two years ago. Thanks to the Horizon HD Recorder, customers can record up to four programmes simultaneously as well as pause and rewind the programmes at any time and watch them later. In collaboration with its parent company, Liberty Global, and other country operations, upc cablecom has increased the functionality of Horizon further over the last two years. Today, Horizon offers the most complete entertainment package with MyPrime, the flat rate for films, TV series and more, OnDemand with the latest blockbusters available to rent individually, live TV with Replay and the possibility of recording. Services such as live TV, MyPrime or OnDemand can now also be used online on a PC or laptop or on the go on a tablet or smartphone thanks to the Horizon Go app.

Eric Tveter, CEO of the Austria/Switzerland regional organisation of Liberty Global is very happy that the millionth Liberty Global Horizon customer is from Switzerland: “Swiss customers played an important role in the further development of Horizon right from the very start. Because of their feedback, upc cablecom was always able to send important input to the international team of developers.” Tveter promises: “We will continue to impress our customers by adding new features to Horizon in the future.”