T-Mobile launches mobile TV with Allegro DVT transcoders

Monday, March 2nd, 2015
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T-Mobile Launches a Mobile TV Platform With Allegro DVT’s Transcoding Solution

GRENOBLE, France — T-Mobile Czech Republic, the number one operator on the Czech mobile market is launching its Mobile TV platform. It has selected Allegro DVT’s transcoders to build its OTT platform, thus providing its 6 million subscribers the possibility to have access to Mobile TV.

Allegro DVT’s solution is based on AL2400: a hardware-accelerated dense all-in-one OTT delivery system. It handles the transcoding and packaging in all OTT TV formats, and integrates with the Encryption, Subtitling and Ad Insertion ecosystem. The deployed system benefits from Allegro DVT’s advanced management system and network redundancy features.

T-Mobile’s subscribers can now watch 49 live services on their mobile devices via dedicated iOS and Android applications. That brings undeniable added value to T-Mobile’s offering.

“We’re using Allegro DVT’s AL2400 transcoders for our live multiscreen IPTV channels. Allegro DVT was selected thanks to their distinguished performance and cost-effective solution.” says Mr. Milan Hába, Vice President Technology & Business Innovations from T-Mobile. “We’re proud to have been selected by T-Mobile,” adds Jerome Blanc, Allegro DVT’s products manager, “AL2400 is part of our wide range of OTT dedicated products. It also includes scalable software-based solutions that are among the first HEVC encoders.”

AL2400 has been deployed worldwide, offering similar services to operators in various formats and configurations.