NEOTION enlarges Verimatrix VCAS DVB CAM range

Monday, June 8th, 2015


AUBAGNE — NEOTION confirms its partnership with VERIMATRIX and enlarges its CAM portfolio for any Pay-TV Operators requiring a CAM with VCAS™ for DVB Broadcast cable, satellite and terrestrial revenue security solutions.

NEOTION is able to provide Pay-TV Operators with NEOTION CI Plus Consumer CAM range embedding Advanced Security cardless solution. The NEOTION CI Plus 1.3 Advanced Security CAM integrates the latest CI Plus resources such as Specific Application Support (SAS) and, plugged in a Connected and HbbTV environment, allows Pay-TV Operators to merge linear TV with IP-based on-demand services like Over-The-Top (OTT).

NEOTION also enables Pay-TV Operators to address collective distribution such as hostels, residential houses or hospitals with professional modules. The NEOTION DVB-CI Advanced Security PRO CAM is able to descramble services simultaneously according to the Operator signalization (video, audio and subtitles PID allocation…). The full range is declined in 4 different packages (descrambling up to 2, 4, 6 services and more than 7 services) to allow Pay-TV Operators deployments at flexible costs according to their TV services plans.

CI Plus Advanced Security CAM VCAS™ DVB; DVB-CI Advanced Security PRO CAM VCAS™ DVB

The NEOTION Pro CAMs are beforehand tested on a large panel of Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs) both in NEOTION labs and Pay-TV Operators labelled professional equipment.

For more information, please visit NEOTION booth at ANGA COM, Level 10.2 booth #J36.