Vodafone Portugal launches first 4K (UHD) television channel

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
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Building on its offer of better quality television image, from today Vodafone Portugal is offering a 4K (Ultra HD) television channel to its TV-over-fibre customers, enabling them to enjoy an unrivalled viewing experience.
Initially, Vodafone Portugal will start 4K/UHD broadcasts of content of the FunBox 4K UHD channel, whose portfolio will be extended in the coming months to include a wide range of UHD content including documentaries, sport, music and movies, all with an enriched experience in terms of image, colour and contrast dynamics.

The 4K format provides a definition four times higher (8.3 megapixels) than Full HD (2.1 megapixels), which means superior image quality, very close to reality, without distortion or loss of quality. With 4K, colours are more vivid and varied, and the image is so sharp that users can see details that are impossible to see in SD, HD or even FHD.

This is Vodafone Portugal’s first step in providing a technology that promises to revolutionise the experience of viewing television content. Customers of the Vodafone TV Net Voz service over fibre and with a compatible television are now able to access the FunBox 4K UHD channel totally free of charge by simply tuning into the channel on the RF schedules on their 4K television.

With a next generation fibre network and a strong focus on developing advanced and innovative services, Vodafone is further reinforcing its leading role in the innovation of its television service, regularly recognised as the service with the highest satisfaction and recommendation ratings (Marktest Telecommunications Barometer).

About FunBox 4K

FunBox 4K, a channel of the SPI International Group, one of the most important Pay TV players in the world, features a huge variety of 4K content, such as documentaries, movies, music and sport.