Proximus releases SwipeBox for sharing photos and videos on the TV screen

Friday, August 28th, 2015
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Proximus TV reinvented with the SwipeBox

  • An exclusive service for Proximus customers for sharing photos and videos with friends and family on the TV screen

On 31 August, Proximus is launching the SwipeBox, an innovative and exclusive solution for “swiping” photos, videos and music to the TV screen via a smartphone or tablet. Whether they are personal videos on a smartphone, a photo from Facebook, music from a web radio or holiday snaps stored in the Proximus Cloud, the SwipeBox is ideal for quickly sharing them with friends and family on the TV screen. The SwipeBox is easy to install and its intuitive use is fully integrated in Proximus TV. The device is available for purchase for €59.95.


With the launch of the SwipeBox, Proximus is once again pushing the boundaries of what can be done with Proximus TV. With the SwipeBox, the TV becomes more than a TV. For Proximus customers, it becomes the central screen in their home for sharing their most beautiful holiday snaps, favorite YouTube clips or best selfies with family and friends. With just one simple “swipe” on a smartphone or tablet they can enjoy the content together on the largest screen in the home.

The SwipeBox is easy to install and use

You simply connect the SwipeBox box between the Proximus TV decoder and the television set using HDMI cables. After that, you download the free application onto your smartphone and/or tablet. This app makes it very easy to select photos, videos, music, etc. stored on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.), in the Proximus Cloud or on the Internet (Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, web radios, radio podcasts, etc.) and send them to the TV screen. Proximus customers can use the SwipeBox with any brand of television set, any mobile device and any type of Proximus decoder. It is also very easy for friends who are visiting to join in the “swiping” by downloading the app and connecting via the same Wi-Fi network.

Simple switching between SwipeBox and Proximus TV

Since the SwipeBox is fully integrated in Proximus TV you don’t have to change any of your TV screen settings. The content appears directly on the screen right away and you can later return to Proximus TV with one click. Moreover, a small pane in the corner of your TV screen ensures that you can continue to watch television. This allows you, for example, to swipe a video or a few photos to you television screen while waiting for your program to start. You can switch from one to the other with great ease.

As from 31 August, Proximus customers with Internet and Proximus TV can purchase the SwipeBox for €59.95 in Proximus points-of-sale, via the website or over the telephone via the customer service.