NAGRA integrates security clients with Broadcom HEVC-UHD SoCs

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015
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NAGRA integrates next-generation anyCAST COMMAND and CONNECT security clients with Broadcom HEVC-UHD chipsets

  • Collaboration solves key industry challenges like preventing Control Word Sharing (CWS) and meeting 4K UHD security requirements from studios
  • NAGRA anyCAST COMMAND redefines CAS and eliminates CWS by securely passing video from Broadcom’s SoC to a NAGRA secure component for decryption and descrambling
  • NAGRA anyCAST CONNECT converged CAS/DRM client is supported on Broadcom’s SAGE environment , providing the Trusted Execution Environment required to create a Secure Video Path

CHESEAUX, Switzerland — NAGRA, a digital TV division of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) and the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, today announced new product integrations with Broadcom’s 28nm UHD SoC designed to address the modern security needs of pay-TV service providers in an increasingly connected world threatened by piracy.

With support for NAGRA anyCAST COMMAND in Broadcom’s family of UHD devices, NAGRA and Broadcom take protection against Control Word Sharing to the next level. By passing the entire video stream – up to 16 services – through the NAGRA anyCAST COMMAND device, the global control word, essential to pay-TV security, is always kept encrypted and cannot be accessed by pirates.

By centralizing all security functions in the anyCAST COMMAND device, further options to defend against piracy become available, including custom and replaceable scrambling algorithms, the option for hardware-based watermarking, and other advanced anti-piracy countermeasures.

The COMMAND product was developed in conjunction with NAGRA partner Echostar for DISH Network L.L.C. DISH intends to launch the first COMMAND-enabled set-top boxes in 2016. Additional major pay-tv service providers worldwide are currently also designing COMMAND into their next-generation set-top box designs taking advantage of the BGA chip, smartcard and super-SIM form factors to meet their specific needs in size, industrial design and logistics.

NAGRA also provides a pre-integrated implementation of anyCAST CONNECT, NAGRA’s unified CAS/DRM client for connected devices, leveraging Broadcom’s SAGE Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the NAGRA On-Chip Security (NOCS) hardware root of trust. This combination of SAGE TEE and NOCS, allows anyCAST CONNECT to meet 4K UHD security requirements like Secure Media Path and Hardware Root of Trust. The close collaboration between NAGRA and Broadcom allows for a significant reduction of the set-top box security requirements, saving time and integration costs for set-top box manufacturers and pay-TV service providers. This is the first implementation of NAGRA’s new NOCS 3.1 specification, an evolution of NOCS 3.0, which includes the new NAGRA Robustness Rules for TEE as well as supporting the anyCAST COMMAND SOC interface.

“We are excited to announce the upcoming deployment of our latest products anyCAST COMMAND and CONNECT in collaboration with Broadcom for some of our key customers, raising the bar in security by introducing leading-edge security technologies for 4K Ultra HD and against Control Word Sharing”, said Maurice van Riek, Senior Vice President, Head of Content and Asset Security for NAGRA. “By pre-integrating these key technologies with Broadcom, we are also ensuring that pay-TV service providers can get new set-top boxes to market faster and be ready to take advantage of new market opportunities.”

“Broadcom is committed to provide pay-TV service providers with the most advanced security solutions,” said Rich Nelson, Broadcom Senior Vice President of Marketing, Broadband & Connectivity Group. “Our collaboration with industry-leading NAGRA brings to market two new solutions that raise the bar on combatting piracy as well as ensuring that pay-TV service providers are ready to meet licensing requirements for 4K Ultra HD content.”