NEOTION and VESTEL unveil USB Conditional Access Module

Friday, September 4th, 2015

NEOTION and VESTEL unveil their USB Conditional Access Module for Pay-TV Operators; a new Proof-Of-Concept demonstrated at IFA and IBC

  • A new secure DVB and optimised USB form factor device to protect Pay-TV broadcast content delivery

AUBAGNE — NEOTION, a technology leader specialising in innovation and production of Secure Devices for the Digital Pay-TV market, today unveils in partnership with VESTEL, the biggest European TV manufacturer, a new form factor Secure Device, a USB CAM, specifically designed for Pay-TV Operators to protect content coming from the traditional broadcast linear TV source.

Neotion USB CAM inserted in the USB slot of VESTEL TV

NEOTION is working on a new USB form factor device considering the USB technology as “the” form factor for new Pay-TV emerging markets where the Common Interface (DVB-CI PCMCIA) is not available on Host devices. The NEOTION USB CAM will benefit from the same advantages as the PCMCIA CAM, giving consumers an increased flexibility to view their TV content: a compact and wireless device with no additional cables and still using a single remote control, the TV one.

The NEOTION USB CAM is an optimized and secure USB form factor device matching with the content owners’ obligations to protect DVB broadcasting and premium linear content. The NEOTION USB CAM also embeds a SIM card reader and – based on the in-house NEOTION system-on-chip (SoC) – is fully compliant with Conditional Access System (CAS) vendors’ high security requirements. The NEOTION USB CAM combines security and simplicity in a very compact size 70 (L) x 26 (l) x 9(D) mm to allow Pay-TV industry a smooth transition to STB-less solution.

“We are very pleased to work with Vestel, the leading European TV manufacturer. Our goal is to enable our customers – Pay-TV Operators – to offer a new cost-effective and user-friendly device for their linear content services without compromising on security or quality! The NEOTION USB CAM combines an innovative form factor and technical performance in a single device, and remains an operator-supplied client hardware device – first to create differentiation and then to keep control on QoS & Security, which is a real puzzle for our customers. We trust that this new Secure Device will help them to compete more effectively in the moving Pay-TV landscape” said Nicolas STEFANELLI, Pay-TV & Secure Devices Business Unit Technical Marketing Manager, at NEOTION.

“We are happy to collaborate with NEOTION to demonstrate a new secure device that perfectly fits to our TV sets. We are convinced that the USB CAM solution combined with Vestel’s TVs will respond to the needs of the TV operators outside Europe” said Hakan KUTLU, Deputy General Manager, Product Management, VESTEL Trade Co.

“Please, feel free to visit NEOTION booth at IBC for a live demonstration #Hall 4, B53, VESTEL booth at IBC #Hall 14, A20 for a live demonstration or VESTEL booth at IFA #8.2.101”.