BluFocus first Ultra HD Blu-ray test center in North America

Thursday, October 29th, 2015
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BluFocus Approved as First ‘Ultra HD Blu-ray™’ Test Center in North America

  • BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) approves BluFocus as the first “Ultra HD Blu-ray™” Test Center in North America for BD-ROM Movie Player Verification, BD-ROM Application Software Verification and BD-ROM Commercial Audiovisual Content Verification

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA — BluFocus Inc., a leading testing and certification company for the home entertainment industry, announced today it has been approved as the first BDA “Ultra HD Blu-ray™” Test Center in North America for Movie Player Verification, Application Software Verification and Commercial Audiovisual Content Verification.

As an approved Ultra HD Blu-ray Test Center, BluFocus will ensure that Ultra HD Blu-ray content and products are compliant with BDA Ultra HD Blu-ray standards and specifications before they are released. The verification testing is conducted using proprietary test tools provided by the BDA and developed by leading technology companies. These tests apply to Ultra HD Blu-ray Players, Ultra HD Blu-ray Application Software and Ultra HD Blu-ray Commercial Audiovisual Content.

“BluFocus has been conducting BDA Verification services since 2009 and we are proud to extend our BDA Test Center Verification services to include the new Ultra HD Blu-ray format,” said Juan Reyes, CTO of BluFocus who also serves as Chair of the SCG Committee within the BDA. “We have been involved with the development of the new Ultra HD Blu-ray format for some time and are thrilled to support its launch by providing these necessary verification services”.

BluFocus recognizes that in order to continue ensuring the quality of “Blu-ray™” products released into the market, it is necessary that these products are operating as intended, per the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification and that advanced levels of testing are conducted within all areas. With BluFocus’ expertise and knowledge, the company has been recognized as a highly qualified facility to process discs, players and content through a wide variety of tests to ensure their compliancy and compatibility for both HD and Ultra HD formats.