Huawei, Expway partner for video quality standardisation

Friday, February 5th, 2016
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Huawei is partnering with wireless multicast specialist Expway to form a joint working group to promote standardisation of end user video experience, with a specific focus on improving the quality of mobile video. The pair say the partnership ushers in a new era for the video industry.

U-vMOS video quality evaluation interface

According to the cooperation agreement, Huawei and Expway will focus on and promote the development of the U-vMOS, standard for video experience objectives and evaluation. The standard is based on total user experience, which includes a comprehensive quantitative assessment of video quality, interactive experience and viewing experience. The video service quality and user experience can be reflected visually, and can also support rapid location of network problems and continuous optimisation of content sources.

Huawei and Expway will cooperate in joint testing of the U-vMOS standards, market the industry alliance standardisation work to promote the development of the U-vMOS industry and standardisation process, and promote the overall upgrading of industry video quality, all to better service mobile users.

“The consumption of video by end users is growing at a colossal rate, and the disparity of devices that subscribers use to access these videos changes monthly,” said Bruno Westeel, Director of Product Management, Expway. “It is therefore important to provide a consistent Quality of Experience to any end user, independent of the screen, network, location and time of day. Working with Huawei on U-vMOS is a fantastic opportunity to deliver an amazing user experience everywhere at any time.”

Kunlong Li, President of Huawei Carrier Video Service Dept. said, “Huawei believes that the video business is an important market opportunity in the Ultra Broadband era. To ensure quality of service, creating a smooth 4K viewing experience is essential for the success of the video industry. Huawei will devote significant technology and resources, through close cooperation with the important service providers in the world and other video industry partners, to jointly promote the healthy development of the video industry.”

For the past 20 years, Huawei has been working to ensure the quality of video experience and providing end-to-end solutions, including the 2K@MBB, 4K@FBB, and other solutions to help the world’s many Internet TV service providers, radio and television operators, and telecom operators reach their full potential in video services.