Sequans and Expway deliver LTE Broadcast over Wi-Fi solution

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
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LTE/Wi-Fi platform has been tested by operators worldwide and is commercially ready

PARIS — LTE chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) and LTE broadcast middleware provider, Expway, announced the availability of a new platform for the delivery of LTE broadcast service to an LTE-Wi-Fi router, enabling all devices in range of the Wi-Fi router to receive the LTE broadcast streams. The platform is commercially ready now and has been tested and proven by multiple operators in multiple countries over the last six months.

“Using our jointly developed system architecture, combining Sequans’ eMBMS-capable chipset with Expway’s LTE broadcast middleware, we’ve essentially turned the Wi-Fi hotspot into an LTE broadcast gateway where multiple Wi-Fi devices can connect to the gateway and each receive its own channel,” said Craig Miller, Sequans VP Worldwide Marketing. “We have been collaborating with Expway to develop this exciting new capability for many months and we believe it has great potential to improve the business case for LTE broadcast by increasing the number and types of devices that can receive the LTE broadcast content.”

Sequans and Expway have a long history of collaboration in LTE broadcast and jointly provided technology for several public showcases of LTE broadcast by leading operators at major sporting events, including the LTE Multicast demo of Verizon Wireless at Super Bowl 2014 and the LTE broadcast demo of Orange at the French Open last summer.

“This combination of Expway and Sequans technologies in this new platform is powerful,” said Claude Seyrat, Chief Marketing Officer, Expway. “Its availability will accelerate the development of new services and business cases for the delivery of LTE broadcast content to users for numerous new home and business applications. The solution provides a seamless end-to-end experience along with optimized, standards-compliant performance for an outstanding user experience.”

“We are very pleased at the result of our technology collaboration with Expway,” said Miller. “We’ve developed a truly valuable platform that we believe is a best-in-class solution for LTE broadcast over Wi-Fi.”