Verizon to demonstrate LTE Multicast over 4G LTE at Indy 500

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
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Verizon Delivers LTE Multicast Over Commercial 4G LTE Network in Indy

  • Demo at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is first of its kind

Watching an IndyCar race on television is great, and watching it live at the track is even more intense. Now, new wireless technologies like LTE Multicast combine the two experiences to make it even more exciting.

This month, Verizon Wireless demonstrated LTE Multicast for the first time in the United States over its commercial 4G LTE network. Verizon also became the title sponsor of the IndyCar Series this year, and working together, these two technology leaders achieved this milestone during the month of May in Indianapolis leading up to the Indy 500.

The technology surrounding the IndyCar Series and its premier race create a perfect backdrop to demonstrate the power and value of LTE Multicast from Verizon. With a series of cameras deployed trackside to capture the cars as they travel around the Oval, combined with in-car cameras for unparalleled driver perspectives, the content delivered over LTE Multicast gives IndyCar teams using the Team App pictures and angles in real time they may not have seen before. And, in a sport that relies on technology and split-second decision-making as much as IndyCar does, each nugget of information can mean the difference between Victory Lane and coming in second.

The LTE Multicast demonstration on race day (Sunday, May 25) will also incorporate live video from the race broadcast, showing how live sporting events are an ideal scenario for LTE Multicast. Large audiences in specific locations who want to watch high-definition video can present a challenge; but with LTE Multicast, a specific channel of spectrum is assigned to this purpose, making the video experience – and ultimately the overall wireless experience of others in the same location – high quality.

Verizon Wireless first demonstrated LTE Multicast at CES in 2013, and followed that with a showing of the Super Bowl in New York in February of this year. In addition to this weekend’s race in Indianapolis, LTE Multicast will also be featured at select IndyCar events and venues later this year.

Verizon Wireless continues to innovate with a wide range of partners to deliver LTE Multicast. This month’s first demonstration on the commercial 4G LTE network uses network equipment from Ericsson. Devices used are enhanced Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 smartphones, featuring Multicast-capable chipsets, broadcast middleware, and multimedia services from Qualcomm Technologies, as well as Sequans demo tablets with Expway middleware. MobiTV supported the effort with application development, content management and delivery across multiple devices.