Thomson Video Networks and Expway to demo live LTE distribution with eMBMS at IBC

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015
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Thomson Video Networks and Expway Join Forces to Demonstrate Live LTE Distribution With eMBMS Encoding by ViBE VS7000

RENNES, France — Thomson Video Networks today announced a new partnership with Expway, a world leader in delivery of live content and multimedia files in multicast mode over wireless networks, to combine the compression performance of live HEVC video with the efficiency of LTE multicast distribution technology. At IBC2015, Thomson Video Networks and Expway will showcase a full LTE distribution chain consisting of live encoding by the ViBE® VS7000 HD/SD encoder and encapsulation via Expway’s BMSC multicast server and eMBMS middleware devices.

“As more video is consumed through mobile devices, the eMBMS mode for LTE broadcast is essential for distributing content in areas of high network density, such as public event venues,” said Eric Gallier, vice president of marketing, Thomson Video Networks. “Adding eMBMS support for our solutions is a significant milestone in our ‘Behind Every Screen’ strategy for delivering an all-encompassing video infrastructure, and Expway, a recognized leader in eMBMS innovation whose technology has been field-proven in numerous trials of multicasting over LTE networks, was a natural choice.”

Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (MBMS) over LTE, known as eMBMS, enables distribution of popular content in a one-to-many (multicast) configuration as opposed to the inefficient method of unicasting individually to each viewer. Recent trials in sport venues have shown that eMBMS can enable production of compelling services and give spectators access to rich, never-before-seen content before or during an event. For example, in addition to the standard track shot of cars zipping by at an auto racing venue, users will be able to see multiple camera shots of their favorite cars at key turns and head pins, and even inside drivers’ cars. At football games, users get a deeper perspective on the match when they can see different views on the field, watch replays, and view stats on their favorite players. Furthermore, stadiums can leverage eMBMS to expand their promotional opportunities; for instance, they can enable users to purchase their next ticket at a discount or even order food and beverages to be delivered to their seats.

Thomson Video Networks and Expway have worked together to integrate an end-to-end chain for live HEVC transmission over an LTE eMBMS network for faster and more bandwidth-efficient deployments.

Gallier added, “With its built-in support for encoding in HEVC, the ViBE VS7000 is able to cut bandwidth requirements in half while maintaining pristine picture quality. The new partnership with Expway is perfect for us to show how our ViBE VS7000 encoder can deliver top picture quality with maximum bandwidth savings for broadcasting over LTE.”

“In areas where LTE bandwidth is at a premium, streaming live HD channels can result in high transmission costs — so it’s critical that providers use their bandwidth efficiently with LTE Broadcast,” said Claude Seyrat, chief marketing officer and co-founder, Expway. “Through this partnership, we’re able to help our customers make these services commercially viable, in high quality at a considerably reduced cost.”