NEC launches 8K H.265/HEVC codec

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016
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NEC Launches H.265/HEVC Codec for 8K/60p Ultra-High-Definition Video in support of 8K Broadcasting

TOKYO — NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the global launch of the “VC-8350” encoder and “VD-8350” decoder in April 2016 as part of the new H.265/HEVC codec family, achieving the encoding and decoding of 8K/60P Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) video in support of future 8K broadcasting services.

VC-8350 Encoder
VC-8350 Encoder
VD-8350 Decoder (Main Unit)
VD-8350 Decoder
(Main Unit)
VD-8350 Decoder (Video Decoding Server)
VD-8350 Decoder
(Video Decoding Server)

“8K video requires a higher compression ratio in order to transmit at the same data capacity as 4K UHD video because it has four times as much data,” said Tooru Watanabe, general manager, Broadcast and Media Division, NEC Corporation. “In addition to efficiently encoding and decoding 8K high definition video, these new products process audio of up to 22.2 channels in real time and contribute to the realization of truly immersive 8K broadcasting services. They also support MPEG Media Transport (MMT), a next-generation transmission standard, and can realize synchronous transmission in multiple (broadcast and broadband) content delivery networks on the reception side, thus facilitating the hybrid service that coordinates communications and broadcasting.”

The standardization of technologies supporting next-generation broadcasting, such as 4K/8K and Smart TV, is progressing rapidly, and preparations for their transmission are taking shape globally. Under these circumstances, the “4K/8K Roadmap Follow-up Meetings” held by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in July 2015 helped lay the groundwork for the early realization of these broadcasts, including guidelines for UHD video technology, such as 4K/8K, and the creation of new content and services. In this roadmap, 4K/8K trial broadcasting via satellite is expected to begin in 2016, with practical broadcasting in 2018.

Moreover, the meetings aimed to help spread the reach of 4K/8K broadcasts, thereby enabling vast audiences to enjoy 4K/8K programing for major cultural and sporting events taking place throughout the world.

These products were developed in cooperation with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).

NEC will exhibit the latest broadcasting and video solutions, including these new products, at the world’s largest broadcast equipment exhibition, the “NAB SHOW 2016,” from booth #SL15713 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 16 to 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada.