Huawei trials 4K Ultra HD with Telkom Indonesia

Thursday, April 7th, 2016
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Huawei Launches 4K Ultra HD Video Solution at The 3rd Indonesia ICT Carnival & Big Video Summit

  • First Live Trial of Huawei 4K Ultra HD Big Video Solution in Telkom Indonesia, Leading Indonesia into ultra-broadband Era

JAKARTA, Indonesia — PT Huawei Tech Investment (Huawei Indonesia), a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today hosts the first Big Video Summit in Indonesia at Raffles Hotel in Jakarta. As a part of the 3rd Indonesia ICT Carnival, this event aims to accelerate digital business transformation in Indonesia in order to transform Indonesia as the leading country ready to face the ultra-broadband era. In this event, Huawei also introduces an end-to-end 4K Ultra HD Big Video solution and announces that Huawei, together with Telkom Indonesia, have conducted a trial for Huawei’s 4K technology. 4K Ultra HD Video solution combines fiber optic broadband and 4K ultra HD video service, which will provide great impact on the development of broadband services and will create a breakthrough for operators in video development. This event is attended by more than 250 industry executives from governments, mobile operators, service and content providers, consulting companies, analysts, as well as university students.

The event is inaugurated by Mr Sheng Kai, CEO Huawei Indonesia with Mr. Basuki Yusuf Iskandar, Acting Director General of ICT Resources and Standards and Head of Research and Development of Human Resources, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Wang Liping, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the People’s Republic of China to Indonesia and Mr. Lim Chee Siong, CMO of Huawei South Pacific.

On the 3rd Indonesia ICT Carnival, Mr. Pramasaleh Hario Utomo, VP ISG, PT. Telkom Indonesia, makes a keynote speech in title of “Telkom Video-Centric Network Strategy”, which emphasizes that operators shall aim on building a best video experience network. Mr. Oh Sangwon, Senior Manager of LG U+ IPTV Sevice Dept, shares the great business value brought by big video strategy. Mr. Chairil Anwar, VP Business Development APAC, Grey Juice Lab Ltd, gives a speech of “4K: 2016 Inflection Point” – Why this is the year 4K goes mainstream?” He points out that 4K industry chain is maturing, and the year 2016 will be the inflection point of 4K UHD booming. Mr. Li Hui, Chief Business Architect, Huawei, makes a keynote speech of “Huawei E2E 4K IPTV Solution and U-vMOS Standard”, and sharing the highlight of end to end 4K UHD video solution and the latest video experience benchmarking system.

Sheng Kai, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, said: “For 15 years of our presence in Indonesia, Huawei is very proud to be able to provide the most cutting edge innovation in the video industry, as well as contribute in preparing Indonesia to face the ultra-broadband era. We hope the Huawei’s 4K Ultra HD video solution can be received well by the operators and will help them provide high quality video to its customers.”

In order to accelarate the broadband and video implementation, Huawei collaborates with several telecommunication operators in Indonesia to provide technical solutions (video CODEC algorithm, video platform, 4K terminals), video experience guarantee (standard and basic network quality improvement), video service operation and maintenance (video Big Data analytics, assistant operation, operational consulting), ecosystem cooperation, and close partnership to develop and explore the 4K Ultra HD Video services.

In the video technical solutions domain, Huawei provides the leading end-to-end solution for operators. Huawei will contribute in the development of ITU-T H.265 video CODEC, utilize advanced algorithm to optimize video stream, encoding quality and latency. Huawei’s IPTV and CDN platform will also provide major enhancement to accelerate smart distribution and intelligent scheduling in order to ensure that the 4K Ultra HD services can be received well by customers. From the terminal aspect, Huawei will be the first provider to collaborate with operators in developing the 4K Smart Set Top Box to support 4K Ultra HD video services.

In the operation and maintenance domains, Huawei provides Video Big Data analytics solution to assist operators to identify video users, to accelerate video services development and support operators’ digital transformation. Huawei also provides operational consulting, provide and monitor network and video quality, and streamline service provisioning to optimize operational and maintenance efficiency. In the ecosystem cooperation domain, Huawei will assist operators by introducing high-quality contents which can improve the user experience.

With the recent rapid economic development in Indonesia and consumers’ demand for reliable video services, operators are starting to pay more attention to video development and position video services as the center of digital transformation in order to uplift the broadband business growth. Therefore, Huawei conducts the Big Video Summit to answer the public needs.

Currently, video is not the only main source for public to obtain or share information, but also to expand business opportunity for operators. It is predicted that 85% of the data traffic in the internet in 2020 will be used for video stream and video will become the basic service provided by operators. In order to enhance the ability of platform and technology, consumers will gradually move towards HD video experience. Seeing this trend, then 4K technology for TV and 2K video for mobile phone will soon become a reality.

Compared with the traditional video service, 4K video requires a higher bandwidth, lower latency, and network with very low packet loss to provide the optimal user experience. Any slight quality issues from the network to terminal will greatly impact the user experience. Therefore, Huawei develops an objective video experience measurement index, U-vMOS, to help operators provide the best 4K video network. On top of that, Huawei also provides end-to-end network consulting, assesses and increases the network services to assist operators in ensuring high quality 4K Ultra HD video which is free from buffering and pixelation.