SERAPHIC powers SONIQ Linux-based Smart TVs in Australia

Friday, June 24th, 2016

SONIQ partners with SERAPHIC to deliver Linux-based Smart TVs in Australia

SONIQ, a leading brand in Australian smart TV market, delivers high quality products at affordable prices and therefore is very well acknowledged by Australian consumers. Recently SONIQ has partnered with SERAPHIC to deliver to the Australian market a new Linux-based Smart TVs, powered by SERAPHIC’s Sraf® HTML5 browser. Such partnership also manifests SERAPHIC’s massive entry into Australian TV market.

Sraf HTML5 browser is a Blink-based, lightning-fast and market-proven software solution which supports various TV standards including the latest technical specifications of HbbTV v2.0, Freeview Play, YouTube 2016, etc. Furthermore, the over-the-top (“OTT”) contents pre-integrated with Sraf HTML5 Browser enable TV manufacturers to provide ready-for-consumer solutions and quickly expand their target markets.

SONIQ and SERAPHIC will initially co-work on YouTube TV and Open Browser products, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2016. Freeview+, an innovative television service delivered via broadband providing a state-of-the-art Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and seamless access to catch-up TV across the free-to-air networks as well as Smart TV Portal will be supported for the next move.

“We are convinced that SERAPHIC is the most appropriate partner who reacts quickly and flexibly to meet our demands. Its profound knowledge about overseas TV market and rich experiences accumulated from the wide deployment of its well-known Sraf HTML5 Browser will effectively secure high quality of our Smart TV products and reinforce the brand image of SONIQ. Both companies have been committed to further close collaboration in South Asia and other markets in the future.”, said Simon Wu, Vice President of SONIQ.

Ye Wang, CSO of SERAPHIC, said, “It’s our honor to cooperate with SONIQ first in Australia and later South East Asia. SERAPHIC will help SONIQ with leading technology and professional know-how to greatly enrich the content portfolio of OTT services as well as enhance user experiences delivered from SONIQ’s Smart TVs, aiming to enable the end consumers to have easy access to the affluent entertainment contents from various internet content providers. I believe there is a significant role to play for both companies in the global Smart TV market space.”