Irdeto and Scenarist partner to provide Ultra HD Blu-Ray security

Saturday, September 10th, 2016
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Irdeto and Scenarist Partner to Provide the Ultimate Security Solution for the Ultra HD Blu-Ray Format

  • Irdeto TraceMark™ Forensic Watermarking Integrated with Scenarist Ultra HD Authoring Provides Hollywood Studios with Comprehensive Capabilities to Track Pirated Ultra HD Blu-ray Titles

AMSTERDAM — Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, and Scenarist, LLC, the developer of Hollywood-standard, multi-format authoring tools, have partnered to provide content owners with access to world-class forensic watermarking for Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. The partnership combines Irdeto TraceMark™, a proven solution for tracking pirated content down to the point of a security breach, with Scenarist’s Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring system which is used to create the vast majority of Blu-ray Disc and Ultra HD Blu-ray commercial releases.

Irdeto and Scenarist closely collaborated with major studio, Twentieth Century Fox to develop the technology and ensure the integration helps content owners meet the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection (ECP). The result of the integration means that Hollywood Studios like Twentieth Century Fox and content owners everywhere can have even greater confidence in delivering their valuable assets in high bandwidth Ultra HD/High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on Ultra HD Blu-ray and beyond.

“We are pleased to work with Irdeto and Scenarist to successfully implement a forensic watermarking solution seamlessly with the Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring process,” said Hanno Basse, Chief Technical Officer, Twentieth Century Fox Film. “For Twentieth Century Fox, we wanted to ensure the technology added to our comprehensive security strategy and give our content the protections needed to best manage piracy, which allows us to more readily release premium content consumers crave.”

“Combating piracy and enhancing security strategies is key for studios like Twentieth Century Fox to keep premium content secure,” said Lawrence Low, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, Irdeto. “This is especially important to protect the highest quality content and most valuable experience available to consumers. Our goal was to provide studios with premium watermarking capabilities that are easy to incorporate and can work with other existing watermarking technologies.”

Scenarist authoring tools enable major motion picture companies, high-end authoring facilities, producers and independent content holders to release titles across multi-formats as well as the new Ultra HD Blu-ray specification. Via the integration with Scenarist, Irdeto TraceMark provides a unique, robust and invisible mark embedded to identify each individual content stream. TraceMark works in conjunction with Irdeto’s Online Piracy Detection and Rights Enforcement services that provide content owners and broadcasters a quick and easy mechanism to trace back to the source of a security breach. The solution is tamper resistant and does not impact the end-user experience.

“For more than 20 years now, Scenarist is the brand Hollywood relies on to deliver their high-value content to millions of consumers worldwide across a range for formats. It is in our DNA to help our studio constituents with the best and more powerful tools possible to enable that to happen,” said Chris Neely, managing partner at Scenarist, LLC in Marin County, California. “Our partnership with Irdeto provides our customers with the ultimate solution for creating the most secure Ultra HD Blu-ray titles and with added deterrence to pirates of content traceability.”