Media Broadcast selects full suite of managed services from Irdeto

Thursday, September 14th, 2023 
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Media Broadcast selects Irdeto to provide full suite of Managed Services

  • Managed Services can take away the burden of maintaining the infrastructure underpinning broadcast and online content delivery, leaving operators free to focus on attracting and engaging viewers.

AMSTERDAM — Irdeto, the global leader in digital platform cybersecurity, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Media Broadcast, Germany’s largest nationwide service provider for the broadcasting and media sector. With a shared commitment to delivering exceptional content and an unmatched viewer experience, this partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of modern multimedia transmission platforms.

Media Broadcast is a freenet AG company and, as Germany’s largest nationwide service provider for the broadcasting and media industry, plays a key role in driving the German media industry’s evolution. The company plans, sets up and operates multimedia transmission platforms for TV and radio based on modern transmitter, cable and satellite networks.

Media Broadcast is the market leader in terrestrial radio and television broadcasting (DAB+ and DVB-T2 HD) and markets the freenet TV platform. The company also connects broadcasters with its high-availability fiber-optic network and broadcasts live events for TV stations and companies. In addition, the company provides high quality telecommunication services for nationwide customers.

For over a decade, Irdeto has been an integral part of Media Broadcast’s success story, providing unparalleled expertise in Conditional Access modules, device security, and comprehensive security services through its Key Management System. Now, Irdeto will extend its partnership with Media Broadcast to provide a comprehensive suite of Managed Services, designed to unburden broadcasters and pay-TV operators from the complexities of managing underlying infrastructure, enabling them to channel their energies into what truly matters – captivating audiences with captivating content.

The Evolving Landscape of Broadcasting

As the broadcasting industry enters an era of heightened competition, the emphasis on delivering engaging content and seamless customer experiences has never been greater. Today’s consumers demand unrestricted access to their favorite content, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. However, the technological advancements that facilitate this convenience also introduce unprecedented intricacies for operators. Optimizing video compression, content security, and video distribution for both linear and on-demand viewing requires specialized hardware and skill sets, often resulting in substantial investments.

Irdeto’s Managed Services alleviate the operational burdens associated with maintaining the intricate broadcast and online content delivery infrastructure. Whether refining and supporting existing systems or conceptualizing and implementing new platforms, Irdeto’s team of experts handles the technological intricacies, empowering operators to focus on captivating and delighting viewers.

According to Jan Wessels, Head of Technical Operations, of Media Broadcast, “Our decision to entrust Irdeto with an expanded role in our operations is rooted in a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis. The Managed Services suite removes the burden of maintaining the infrastructure underpinning our content delivery, optimizing and supporting existing systems. It provides a reliable and predictable cost structure, offering flexibility and easing cash flow concerns, especially during major projects. Irdeto’s experts care for the technology, leaving us free to focus on attracting and engaging viewers.”

Each Irdeto customer gains access to a pool of shared resources, a unified infrastructure including monitoring facilities, and a team of dedicated specialists. This synergy ensures the delivery of operator-specific capabilities without the need for substantial in-house investments.

According to Doug Lowther, CEO at Irdeto, by adopting an approach that leverages off-site broadcast technology hosted in a service provider’s multi-tenant data center, operators can achieve geographic redundancy and disaster recovery without undue financial strain. “As the industry continues to evolve, this approach is poised to become the benchmark for achieving cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and superior service quality”, Bunten concluded.

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