Ericsson expands DVR services for VTR Chile and Liberty Puerto Rico

Monday, September 26th, 2016
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Liberty Global partners with Ericsson to expand DVR services in Latin America

  • Liberty Global Group (LiLAC Group) simplifies DVR expansion through Ericsson’s Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) in Latin America
  • LiLAC Group’s customers will have access to DVR services, including future updates to support the trend towards time-shifted TV
  • Contract strengthens Ericsson’s position as a leading provider of TV and media solutions in Latin America

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Liberty Global today confirms a new two-year deal between VTR in Chile and Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, both part of LiLAC Group (Liberty Latin-America and Caribbean, part of Liberty Global Group).

With Ericsson’s Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP), the TV operators will be able to expand the reach of their Digital Video Recording (DVR) services (known as Catch-up TV and Restart TV) across their countries.

Latin American TV consumers are rapidly changing their habits and expectations, where they now want to decide what they want to watch and pick-and-mix their own services. The new deal addresses this issue, allowing LiLAC Group to build innovative and compelling consumer experiences.

Ericsson’s VSPP simplifies the recording capabilities and provides enriched functionalities for LiLAC’s linear TV services. It also offers a unique, proven infrastructure that allows for seamless augmentation and replacement of legacy television services with new cloud-based services.

Furthermore, Ericsson’s VSPP provides outstanding performance gains and greatly simplifies Cloud DVR and video on demand (VoD) architectures, allowing operators to avoid many of the complexities and costs associated with these new services.

Adrian Gioia, Head of TV & Media, Ericsson Latin America and Caribbean, says: “We are looking forward to supporting LiLAC Group in delivering ever-improving content, quality and features that delight TV consumers and meet their unique and ever-changing needs. With our solution we are addressing all customer segments with unique configurations, while providing LiLAC Group with the ability to future-proof and grow as they see necessary.”

Derek Yeaomans, Logistic Manager at VTR, says: “We consider DVR a very attractive entertainment service for our customers and we are pleased to now provide them with an enriched user experience that lets them enjoy the service even more. Working with Ericsson makes us confident we will continue to succeed in meeting consumer expectations into the future.”

With a recent history of more than 50 transformation programs delivered globally, Ericsson’s consulting and systems integration services represent the perfect combination of competence, scale and presence that help TV and media organizations meet their goals. With a global team of media experts ready to take on complex media transformation projects, Ericsson is the market leader in Cloud DVR deployment and services, having performed multiple deployments and with ongoing trials with major Tier 1 operators around the world.