VertaMedia video advertisers get access to Infomir STB middleware

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016
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VertaMedia Video SSP Partners With Infomir to Provide Advertisers With Exposure to a New Audience in the IPTV and OTT Market

NEW YORK — ​​​VertaMedia, an award-winning online video supply-side platform (SSP), has recently announced details of its partnership with Infomir, a company with years of experience in manufacturing devices for interactive television services to ensure video advertisers gain access to the top-notch providers of over-the-top (OTT) and internet protocol television (IPTV) connected devices and services.

VertaMedia Video SSP and Infomir

The partnership between VertaMedia & Infomir leverages the rapid expansion of IPTV and OTT video viewership and is opening up fresh opportunities for advertisers, seeking new targeted audiences, and for IPTV and OTT providers need for additional monetization opportunities and utilization of advanced video advertising revenue optimization technologies.

“Through our partnership with VertaMedia, we are glad to offer thousands of operators around the world, who provide services based on Informir’s proprietary “Stalker Middleware” platform, a new source of additional monetization”, says Alexander Sazhyienko, Product Manager at Infomir. “Out of the profits from video ad placement, IPTV & OTT operators can cut subscriptions costs or fully implement the model of – Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD). ”

While Infomir helps VertaMedia’s advertisers and agencies to drive maximum value out of their video ad campaigns while targeting new audiences, Infomir clients receive outstanding video ad serving technologies for lucrative IPTV and OTT content monetization and a turnkey out-of-the-box API for efficient campaign management. ​

“Powered by the Infomir’s high quality IPTV and OTT Stalker Middleware, we are now able to offer the additional advantage of new audience targeting to our video demand side partners,” said Alex Bornyakov, CEO and Co-Founder of VertaMedia. “The IPTV and OTT infrastructure is becoming strongly integrated with the online video advertising ecosystem. In addition to its great potential, this market needs a seminal cooperation between the service and technical providers to take it to the next level as the industry and consumers move towards “cord cutting” and broader adoption of content delivery via OTT and IPTV.”