Infomir and MathEmbedded to collaborate on STB UX design

Friday, March 3rd, 2017
Infomir logo

Infomir and MathEmbedded come together for even better IPTV/OTT experiences

Infomir and MathEmbedded are glad to announce the beginning of their collaborative work. The latest has put an effort to port Frog by Wyplay to set-top boxes developed and manufactured by Infomir.

Frog is a portfolio of software solutions and professional services all based around the proven TV middleware already deployed in millions of subscribers’ homes. Making it available on the Infomir set-top boxes will help to enrich them with such high-demanded features as electronic program guide; video recorder; multiscreen and multiroom connectivity, an application store, and more.

MathEmbedded, a long-standing Frog Scaling Partner, will help Infomir create a high-level user experience with its set-top boxes for IPTV and OTT project all around the globe.