Cablevisión Argentina chooses ANEVIA time-shift and OTT solutions

Monday, November 14th, 2016
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Cablevisión chooses ANEVIA’s time-shift TV and OTT solutions to support its new offer “Cablevisión Flow”

Cablevisión, Argentina’s telecommunications company, chose Anevia’s technologies to enhance its innovative and original offer and confirms its headship in the region. “Cablevisión Flow” was thoroughly thought-out and rapidly put in place thanks to Anevia and its partners.

Cablevisión (CVA) is an Argentinian telecommunications company, triple play operator and the Pay TV cable operator leader. Thanks to the company’s 12,000 employees, nearly 3.5 million Argentinian homes enjoy television each day and 2 million users are connected through Fibertel.

As the market leader, CVA is able to innovate and try methods and options that local and traditional operators cannot. As a response to the changes in the consumer’s behaviors, CVA decided to further strengthen its position providing high quality and innovative services by going above and beyond.
Focusing on its multi-screen and time-shift services, Cablevisión started by moving its infrastructure to HTTP-based technologies in order to be ready to accelerate the deployment of its services on Over-The-Top (OTT) which will considerably enhance its offers with new and innovative services.

To achieve this objective, Cablevisión wanted to work with a service provider that would not only deliver a best of breeds offer, but would also understand, advice and handle the needs and risks of a large media conglomerate.

The next generation TV experience: Cablevisión Flow

As the market trends confirmed the continuous evolution of TV consumption CVA had to be the disruptive company that would offer the best platform to its subscribers.

In 2011, a consortium that included Anevia, Minerva and Verimatrix proposed an initial proof of concept for the DRM portion to CVA. And in 2015 the company decided to launch a new platform that relied exclusively on OTT solutions- a sort of revolution in Argentina’s media sector. Due to growing public demand, this meant not only offering subscribers multi-screen services, but also an array of time-shift TV services such as CatchUp TV, Replay, Cloud DVR and Start Over.

Joined by Arris International as the system integrator and developer of hybrid set-top boxes, the consortium was able to manage any complex questions about high-speed and high-quality video, various video formats and workflow management. In July 2015, the test platform was implemented and it proved that it could support high increases in volume while maintaining its functionalities and performance levels even during times of very high traffic and demand such as large sport events.

Dedicated agile team to undertake the challenge

So far, OTT technology and services are mainly used by content service providers (the pure players) and are rarely offered by traditional media groups. Thanks to Cablevisión new offer, Argentina has achieved a prominent place in the video-broadcasting sector.

Agility and rapidity were key success factors. Indeed, only two months after the project was pitched, Carlos Moltini, CEO of CVA, announced that the company’s OTT offer “Cablevisión Flow” would be available in 2016. The consortium, led by Anevia, had a short – six months- time frame to deliver a working solution to the beta users. This challenging objective was publicly announced in a declaration of project completion in April 2016.

Beyond the technological feat, it was the excellent ongoing assistance that further convinced CVA that it had chosen the right service provider. Part of what had made the cable operator such a success with the public was its superior quality and continuous service. In order to maintain this reputation throughout implementation, Anevia and the consortium ensured a 24/7 support team, record breaking availability rates and minimal time taken to develop patches.

“This success was made possible thanks to dedicated partners – Verimatrix, Minerva, Arris and Anevia – teaming together to bring all their expertise and efforts to unveil ‘Flow’ the next generation TV platform offering its subscribers the most innovating viewer experience of the region. declared Laurent Lafarge, CEO of Anevia… Our partnership with CVA will carry on as we will continuously propose and provide them with innovations that meet its users evolving consumption of programs.”