TDS Telecom launches companion app and updates UI

Thursday, December 29th, 2016
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Take your TV experience to the next level using your phone

  • New free app from TDS allows customers to use mobile phone or tablet as TV remote and set recordings from anywhere

A new, free TDS TV Companion App from TDS® Telecom, turns smartphones and tablets into personal TV remote controls. The new functionality comes as part of a user interface upgrade, which also brings an updated look and feel to the TDS TV on-screen menus.

Available now for iOS and Android, TDS TV customers can download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching for “TDS TV Companion App.” After pairing it with their set-top boxes/DVR, customers can browse the guide and set recordings from anywhere.

“Being able to control your DVR when you’re on the go can’t be beat,” said Shane West, vice president Marketing and Product Management at TDS. “If you forgot to set a recording at home, you can do it from wherever you are, whether that’s in a different state, in the park, on vacation, or in the garage. It’s the ultimate convenience.”

The app also allows customers to channel-surf, search and set favorites, and view the Channel Guide.

Customers with lots of devices at home don’t need to worry—the new app allows for up to 10 devices to be connected with each set-top box.

Instructions for pairing the TDS Companion App can be found in the latest TDS TV online User Guide. Details can also be found by viewing the “how-to” video available on channel 411 and in the TDS TV Video-On-Demand store.

The app comes on the heels of a recent user interface upgrade for all TDS TV customers. The interface, the latest from Mediaroom® (the backbone for TDS TV), brought an updated look and feel to the on-screen menus, enhanced graphics for easier navigation, and support for the new TDS TV Companion App.

“The upgrade was designed to enrich the customer experience,” said West. “The channel logos, show graphics, and poster images give TDS TV a fresh look, while the TDS TV Companion App puts new features in the palm of your hand.”

Wireless set-top boxes are also available with TDS TV. Without being tethered to a cable jack of any kind, wireless set-top boxes allow customers the flexibility to move their TVs anywhere in a room—all that’s needed is a power outlet.