Triple-play: PT Comunicações launches 'meo'

Thursday, June 14th, 2007
Portugal Telecom logo

Today, PT Comunicações launched the service triple-play – meo – an integrated offer of television, Internet and telephone at one single price, one invoice and integrated assistance. A new way of watching television in Portugal in which the user is the main character with total control of the contents and the way to use them and view them.

meo is a new form of entertainment and of viewing television with more contents. It is going to start its activity with 78 channels, two of which in high definition, and in the future it will feature some hundreds of channels. In September 28 channels will be added.

As of now you will be able to choose and control what you want to see, view only your favourite channels or reorganise the channels according to your preferences. You can choose when you want to watch the programmes via digital video recording, that has up to 160 hours of storage capacity. You will have access to a video-on-demand system that will allow for immediate viewing of films, concerts, series and documentaries from a library that starts with some 400 titles and in a few months time will feature over one thousand.

In addition to these functions, meo clients will have a better experience of television with the possibility of changing channels instantly or stopping the broadcast and returning to it at a more convenient time.

The meo base offer will comprise television, with 42 channels, of which 32 are fixed and 10 are varying and can be changed on a monthly basis by the client, who can choose another 27 channels (with a value of 0,49 euros/month each) and up to 9 Premium channels, such as SportTV. The base pack also includes broadband Internet access with speed of up to 8 Mb, with unlimited national and international traffic and wireless access in the whole house.

Telephone without subscription with unlimited calls at any hour within the PT network, will also be included in this base offer.

The price of this pack will be 54,90 euros There will be a special launch price of 50 euros for 12 months for those who adhere until 30th September.

During June and July, Lisbon, Oporto and Castelo Branco will be the first cities to receive meo. The clients interested in receiving the service can go to a PT store in one of these cities, adhere at or call 808 203 030. For each request a specific assessment will be made to verify if there are the necessary conditions to use the service in the best conditions.

This new service was developed together with various technological partners amongst with highlight to Alcatel-Lucent, in the integration and network technologies and Microsoft in the technology of the platform that supports the television service. This project counted with the involvement of other partners such as Novabase, PT Inovação, PT Sistemas de Informação, Harmonic, Cisco, HP, amongst others.

The new channels

Of the 78 channels available in this launch phase, two are of high definition and eight are exclusively meo:
“¢ Luxe TV HD, a thematic channel with documentaries and suggestions on luxury environments (trips, cars, fashion, etc)
“¢ HD1, a high definition channel with a strong cultural component
“¢ Eurochannel, an entertainment channel developed with the aim of promoting European culture. Only European series, documentaries and films
“¢ Baby First TV, a children’s channel for children up to the age of 3 and a strong educational component for parents
“¢ NASN, North-American sports channel
“¢ Fashion Men, Men’s fashion channel
“¢ CMusic, Classical music channel
“¢ Afromusic, African music channel, namely from Portuguese speaking countries