Alphonso introduces always-on TV data solution

Monday, April 3rd, 2017
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Always-On TV Data Solution from Alphonso Empowers Brands and Media Agencies with Real-Time Ad Insights and Closed Loop Attribution

  • Alphonso Insights provides easy analysis of granular advertising metrics collected from 30 million households, with closed loop attribution for location and purchases to help advertisers optimize TV ad spend

SAN CARLOS, CA — TV data company Alphonso Inc., the market leader in providing advertisers with verified TV audiences on mobile devices and the web, today introduced Alphonso Insights, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that enables brands and agencies to conduct real-time analysis of TV content and ad consumption at a granular level and obtain closed loop attribution on TV media spend. The always-on Alphonso Insights dashboard for TV ads simplifies and expedites reporting on metrics such as total airings, share of voice, estimated spend, audience reach, locations visited and purchases made.

Alphonso Insights is already used by more than 2,500 end users from over 200 top brands and agencies. It is powered by one of the largest and most valuable data sets for the TV advertising industry, consisting of linear TV content and advertising catalogued automatically across over 200 broadcast and cable networks, with viewership data from 30 million U.S. households, all in real time. In other words, Alphonso Insights knows precisely what ads have aired alongside which programming, and knows which viewers have been exposed to that content across its entire footprint in real time.

“Traditionally, retrieving TV ad campaign data has been nothing short of a lengthy and expensive battle, causing missed opportunities for brands and media planners that aren’t able to take action on critical insights when it matters most — while the campaign is in flight,” said Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer and co-founder of Alphonso. “Alphonso Insights not only democratizes access to those ad insights, but provides a reliable and real-time solution for understanding how your media spend stacks up against competitors, and how it is driving foot traffic and sales.”

A basic version of Alphonso Insights is available at no charge, for research, reporting and competitive comparisons of many key campaign metrics. The paid subscription version includes closed loop offline and online attribution, for deeper campaign insights such as the impact of TV campaigns on product purchases, and how well ads performed in driving customers into restaurants, retail and service locations, car dealerships and more.

Casey Hurbis, head of brand, Fiat North America, said, “The massive TV dataset Alphonso has built is a treasure trove for marketers who are looking to understand the impact of TV media. Alphonso has enabled us to understand what works, and double down on that.”

Accurate and granular TV advertising campaign data and attribution have historically been difficult to access, taking days or even weeks to see results, leaving marketers and media planners with limited, outdated and costly options for gathering actionable insights. Alphonso Insights gives brands and agencies immediate access to the data they need to optimize their multimillion-dollar advertising investments across channels, in an intuitive reporting tool that monitors not just their own ad activity, but also what competitors are doing. The result is more informed decisions on how to effectively plan and improve their media spend.

Alphonso will demonstrate Alphonso Insights at 4A’s Transformation 2017 to be held in Los Angeles this week, an annual gathering of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. The company will host a breakfast briefing at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, April 4, and will provide hands-on demonstrations at booth S3 in the exhibit hall.