MiQ expands TV Intelligence to UK, Canada and Australia

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 
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MiQ solidifies leadership in Advanced TV advertising with global expansion of TV Intelligence solution in critical markets

  • Now available in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia, MiQ’s powerful analytics platform empowers advertisers with unparalleled TV insights and optimisation opportunities across Linear, Streaming and YouTube

LONDON — Global programmatic media partner MiQ is on a mission to develop the most comprehensive advanced TV solution in the market globally. As part of its efforts, the company has built the world’s largest and most diverse TV data footprint, fueling the industry’s most powerful TV intelligence. Today, MiQ announced that – in addition to the U.S. – the UK, Canada, and Australia will now have access to its proprietary TV Intelligence tool — with more markets to follow this year. Furthering MiQ’s goals, the platform is designed to solve the TV industry’s biggest challenges to date: fragmentation across audience viewing, data, and measurement.

“The rise of ad-supported streaming has created a labyrinth of challenges for marketers,” said Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV at MiQ. “With 60%+ audience overlaps across top streaming apps, and over 100 different supply paths to the average CTV impression, it’s no wonder brands are struggling to effectively reach their target audiences. MiQ Advanced TV solution, powered by TV Intelligence, addresses these issues directly, solving for the industry’s biggest challenge of fragmentation across audience viewing, data, and measurement.”

MiQ TV Intelligence is the industry’s most robust cross-channel analytics solution, leveraging viewership insights from automatic-content recognition (ACR), set-top-box (STB) technology, and regional TV currencies across 11 diverse global data partnerships covering CTV, Linear TV, and YouTube. Combined, MiQ analyses over six trillion TV viewership and content consumption signals per month across a deterministic data footprint of over 90 million TV sets worldwide. It then combines this data with consumer, behavioural, and purchase data to enable marketers to reach over 500 million global CTV households.

Armed with MiQ TV Intelligence, advertisers can drive incremental reach, discover new audiences, and develop competitive conquesting strategies via a holistic view of TV consumption.

“MiQ TV Intelligence is the only global analytics platform that gives marketers a complete view of their investment across Streaming, Linear, and YouTube,” said Gurman Hundal, Global CEO and co-founder of MiQ. “We’re excited to expand these capabilities across key markets, provide actionable insights that give marketers the confidence to run efficient campaigns across all forms of premium video, power stronger performance outcomes from a single platform, and further cement our position as the premier partner for Advanced TV.”

TV Intelligence is solving critical pain points for brands and advertisers by:

  • Consolidating planning insights across Linear, Streaming & YouTube: TV Intelligence gives hands-on-keyboard access to rich, connected Linear, and Streaming TV viewership insights powered by the largest, most diversified TV data footprint.
  • Providing competitive cut through: Clients can compare TV plans across Linear, Streaming and YouTube against top competitors and build strategies that increase their share of voice.
  • Demystifying TV audience reach: Uncover under-exposed linear TV households and extend reach on connected TV and YouTube, as well as adjust frequency to achieve balance and deliver CTV ads to hard-to-reach light linear TV viewers.
  • Showcasing day-zero intelligence: Powerful pre-campaign recommendations allow marketers to see what’s going to work for their audiences before their campaign even begins.

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