FreeCast to offer OTA TV via its ATSC 3.0 STB

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017
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FreeCast Talks Wireless TV over ATSC 3.0 at 2017 NAB Show

  • Working in conjunction with the nation’s largest broadcast distributor, FreeCast plans to deliver a competitive pay-TV experience over-the-air

LAS VEGAS — Consumers have long been forced to choose between a few dozen channels of varying reception with an HDTV antenna or hundreds of cable networks via costly cable and satellite subscriptions. But with the new ATSC 3.0 standard, FreeCast believes that it can offer the best of both worlds: hundreds of crystal clear networks, including pay channels, over-the-air.

FreeCast’s upcoming ONE set top box plays a key role in this offering, adding crucial elements of the current pay-TV experience to a next generation broadcast lineup. This includes the option to “pick and pay” for à la carte premium channels, an interactive programming guide for this over-the-air content, and a platform for over-the-top content including millions of movies, TV shows, web channels, live events, radio stations, music videos, and more.

William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast, described his company’s vision for wireless television with ATSC 3.0: “We’re at a point where cable and TV don’t have any need for each other. Increasingly, that cable into your home is a pipe for internet service. ATSC 3.0 is exciting because it’s going to allow us to deliver a very complete TV experience wirelessly. It’s over-the-air just like your antenna TV today, so it’s not clogging your bandwidth. This means that a consumer needs only an HDTV antenna, our ONE box, and basic internet service. It’s an extremely low cost formula for TV service that doesn’t skimp on features or convenience.”

The ONE set top box will be available from major retailers, starting at an MSRP of $100, with premium versions available. The ONE box will be powered by FreeCast’s SelectTV service, a SmartGuide that unifies free and premium over-the-top content from all across the web. SelectTV is already available via the web, as well as apps on Android and iOS, for just $2.99 a month.