DNA to offer Android TV STB in Finland

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017
DNA logo

DNA is the first operator in Finland to launch an open ecosystem Android TV device, the DNA TV-hubi

DNA launches the DNA TV-hubi device, which combines all forms of watching television, channels, applications, games and music into a single convenient service. It enables the use of applications on TV and brings the open application store, familiar from smart phones, to your TV.

“People are accustomed to accessing content and services flexibly with any device, and DNA TV-hubi is now making this possible with televisions as well”, says Mikko Saarentaus, Director at DNA Entertainment Business.

DNA TV-hubi runs on the Android TV operating system, which is compatible with the applications of Finland’s three largest TV channels, Katsomo, Yle Areena and Ruutu, along with YouTube, Netflix and Viaplay. And many services that do not have their own Android TV applications can still be transmitted to your television via the device’s in-built Google Cast functionality. You can download applications for the DNA TV-hubi from the Google Play application store.

“This device is for anyone who wants to watch diverse television content with minimal hassle. Thanks to DNA TV-hubi, watching and using online programmes and content on your TV is now just as easy as using apps on your smart phone,” Saarentaus says.

You can use DNA TV-hubi to watch regular television channels from the cable and terrestrial networks, and the device is HD and 4K compatible. DNA TV-hubi is equipped with two HD tuners, which enables simultaneous viewing and recording. The device includes software-based encryption for pay-TV channels, which means that you will not require a separate TV card. Together with the DNA TV service and internet connection, DNA TV-hubi allows the viewing of terrestrial pay-TV channels even outside their actual coverage area. DNA TV-hubi has Bluetooth support for wireless game controllers, and it can be connected to an external hard drive for recording content and be controlled with an application on your smart phone, tablet or even smart watch. The device also includes voice recognition support. DNA TV-hubi is manufactured for DNA by Sagemcom.

DNA TV-hubi will be launched this spring; the price will be specified closer to launch.