Amazon Prime Video now available on DNA Hubi devices

Friday, August 20th, 2021 
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The contents of DNA TV Hubi expanded again — Amazon Prime Video’s award-winning content is now available on DNA Hubi devices

The contents of the DNA TV Hubi service, based on the open Android ecosystem, expanded again as the popular movies and TV series of Amazon Prime Video became available in the service. The streaming service is easy to download and accessible with just a few clicks on a DNA Hubi device.

In addition to other popular streaming services, the Amazon Prime Video app is now also available on DNA Hubi devices.

There is demand for new streaming services, as more and more Finns are using streaming services to watch movies and shows, as indicated by DNA’s Digital Lifestyle 2021 survey. The survey shows that more than 50% of Finns consume television entertainment through paid streaming services.

“New high-quality content services are constantly launching, and they provide consumers with more and more top content to watch. DNA TV Hubi, which is based on the open Android ecosystem, makes all content easily accessible in one place — best enjoyed on the TV screen in your home. Amazon Prime Video is now also available in our service, which is a great addition to our offering,” says Jarno Haikonen, Vice President, Broadband and TV Business, DNA.

Top content easily on the TV screen in your home

The service includes many award-winning TV shows such as The Grand Tour and The Boys, as well as recently released movies such as Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, The Tomorrow War and Coming 2 America.

The Amazon Prime Video app can be downloaded to the DNA TV Hubi service from Google Play Store. Customers who already have an Amazon Prime Video subscription can sign in after the download and start enjoying content from the TV screen in their home with the DNA Hubi device. If you do not have an account yet, you can activate one through Amazon Prime Video.

The DNA TV Hubi service, which is based on the open Android ecosystem, collects various streaming services into one place and makes it possible to watch shows in the best possible quality on the big screen at home. Google Play Store contains more than 7,000 applications that can be used in the DNA TV Hubi service.

DNA’s Digital Lifestyle survey

DNA has conducted the Digitaaliset elämäntavat (Digital Lifestyles) survey annually since 2017. It looks at how Finns use different digital services and how user habits have evolved over the years. This year, a total of 1,007 people participated in the survey.

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