Piksel to integrate Friend MTS digital watermarking

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017
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Piksel and Friend MTS announce new partnership

YORK, United Kingdom — The global leader in building online video businesses, Piksel, and Friend MTS, the pioneer in the creation and provision of content protection services and anti-piracy solutions, have announced a new international partnership.

The partnership will see the two companies integrate Friend MTS’ ASiD technology – the most widely deployed and actively used digital watermarking system in the world – into Piksel’s Palette™ of cloud-based modular video services, and Piksel’s Digital Showcase, an end-to-end OTT platform.

The combined offering will deliver protection of both live and Video on Demand (VOD) content by implementing the latest release of Friend MTS’ ground-breaking ASiD service, which incorporates ‘ASiD VoDSafe’ to protect on demand content alongside live channels and events.

“The partnership will allow Piksel’s customers to locate infringing content online and identify the individual subscribers who are stealing and re-distributing content and channels, and shut them down in minutes,” explains Friend MTS’ CEO Jonathan Friend.

“By incorporating integration into the Piksel’s Palette™ the joint service will deliver a faster time to market, whilst including ASiD in the Digital Showcase platform will enable OTT services to protect their premium content rights,” he says.

Friend MTS is a pioneer in the creation and provision of content protection services and anti-piracy solutions used by many of the world’s Pay-TV operators, rights holders and broadcasters. It is a leading global provider of platform, channel and content protection services.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Christie, CTO at Piksel says: “At Piksel we need to ensure that our customers’ content is secure and that their premium content is protected. As a market leader, we can put our trust in Friend MTS to handle that extremely important aspect, meaning we can focus on delivering premium services.”

Friend MTS’ ASiD technology is the most widely deployed and actively used digital watermarking system in the world, and can be implemented without any changes to the video delivery infrastructure. It operates through a sophisticated and lightweight watermarking technology that identifies originating subscriber accounts being used to retransmit live channels and events.

Piksel has been building successful online video businesses for over a decade. The company’s unique combination of products, professional and managed services, is underpinned by Piksel’s state-of-the-art video platform, the Piksel Palette™, a video distribution and monetization platform that utilises a Micro-Services Architecture (MSA).

Piksel’s unrivaled expertise is in designing, building and managing online video solutions for the likes of AT&T, Sky, Channel 4, Discovery, Liberty Global, Mediaset and OSN. Headquartered in York, UK, Piksel offices can be found throughout Europe and the Americas.

Friend MTS is the world’s leading provider of technology-led platform and content protection services used by many of the world’s leading Pay-TV platforms. Its suite of managed services includes the world’s most deployed broadcast and OTT subscriber-level watermarking solution, operational daily in tens of millions of devices, coupled with global content monitoring for seamless discovery of theft, recovery of subscriber identity, and real-time session tear-down.