Piksel selects DLVR to provide multi-CDN optimization

Monday, September 11th, 2017
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Piksel Selects DLVR to Provide Global, Multi-CDN Optimization

  • DLVR Services Integrated into Piksel’s Offerings Increases QOE, Contains Delivery Costs

PHOENIX — DLVR Inc, a leading video delivery optimization provider, today announced that Piksel, a global leader in building successful online video businesses, will be integrating DLVR’s services into their digital media offerings. DLVR provides internet video publishers a new way to take advantage of multiple CDNs, routing traffic to the best network based on DLVR’s real-time, individual stream optimization and the publisher’s business rules.

DLVR measures the performance of individual streams in real-time to detect and mitigate network slowdowns before they impact the viewing experience. DLVR’s predictive analytics help publishers head off catastrophes large or small, from buffering to total event outages.

With a global customer base, Piksel is taking advantage of DLVR’s global delivery optimization enabling publishers to turn to regional and global CDNs to maintain video streaming peak performance based on where viewers are tuning in, anywhere in the world, on any device. Piksel customers can set their own business rules per geography, for example routing traffic to a lower cost regional CDN without compromising video bit rates. DLVR will be available to customers using Piksel’s CDN offering or with their own CDN relationships.

“We’re very excited to offer DLVR’s video delivery optimization to our worldwide customers,” said Paul Mardling, VP of Strategy at Piksel. “Working with DLVR, Piksel customers will see higher bit rate video starts, less buffering, and consistently higher quality streams from first frame to last.”

DLVR’s server-side architecture allowed Piksel to quickly test and deploy the service. The unique approach doesn’t require any client-side development, SDKs or plugins, saving weeks in development, testing and deployment times.

“Our collaboration with Piksel enables us to rapidly expand the DLVR service to some of the biggest names in media,” said DLVR CEO and founder Michael Gordon. “As video viewership continues to shift to internet-delivered, multiscreen video, the quality of the viewing experience becomes a powerful differentiator. Piksel’s customers now have a new way to take advantage of a smart, multi-CDN strategy to ensure the highest quality viewing experience possible.”

In addition to improving QOE, DLVR also helps publishers contain delivery costs by taking the most cost-effective route based on publishers’ contracts and commitments. DLVR customers can eliminate manual processes with proactive stream switching based on customizable business and performance rules.

DLVR will be at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept 14-19.