DataXu offers self-service OTT TV ad placement platform

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017
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DataXu First to Offer OTT TV Buying with Custom Audiences

  • Oracle Data Cloud Powers Custom Audience-based TV Buying on the DataXu Platform

BOSTON, Mass. — DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing solutions and Silver level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced the first self-serve TV buying platform that enables brands and agencies of all sizes to connect the dots between digital and TV, reaching custom audiences and accessing insights covering the full gamut of addressable devices. Working with Oracle Data Cloud and other leading data providers, the DataXu Platform uses its proprietary OneView technology to enable users to define custom audiences and seamlessly engage them across websites, mobile apps and TV content often sought by advertisers.

According to Pivotal Research’s Brian Wieser, total TV consumption was down by -4% year-over-year in March 2017 vs. March 2016 among adults 18-49, although consumption of TV via internet-connected devices among this same group grew by +54% over the same time period.

Reaching a given consumer with a consistent message and desired frequency remains a challenge for both digital marketers and TV buyers alike. With DataXu, marketers can now deliver the experience they want across all device types, including TV, from message sequencing to optimal exposure frequency, all with the click of a button. OneView enables marketers to define custom audiences based on their own first-party data and third-party data from leading data providers like Oracle Data Cloud.

OneView also allows marketers who have developed custom digital audiences through the Oracle Data Cloud to leverage the same audiences in TV. With DataXu, marketers are able to go beyond standard age and gender guarantees with custom audiences and insights that can be used as extensions to increasingly popular “secondary guarantees” found as part of today’s TV buys.

“The connected consumer has changed the TV game forever. The good news for marketers is that collaborations like the one we’ve developed with DataXu enable unprecedented accessibility and control over TV buying,” said Joe Kyriakoza, General Manager of Automotive and TV Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud. “DataXu’s OneView technology represents an early look at the future of how TV will be planned and bought, and this partnership further illustrates Oracle Data Cloud’s aggressive push into TV.”

With DataXu’s self-serve interface for TV buying, customers can:

  • Access premium TV content from networks such as Fox, HGTV, AMC, The History Channel, The CW, BBC America, Food Network, A&E and more.
  • Choose from nearly 300 curated content providers with billions of monthly impressions across Google AdX, Sling, Tremor, AOL, SpotX, OpenX, StickyAds and more.
  • Reach custom audiences on TV with no out-of-target waste in over 13 million households.
  • Reduce over- and under-saturation across devices thanks to real-time frequency controls.
  • Access real-time insights about outcomes and audiences, such as in-demo reach, interests, lifestyle and shopping behaviors.

The DataXu Platform recently secured the top score in usability in a head-to-head test against industry competition, following a major platform upgrade designed to streamline workflows for self-serve customers.

“At re:group, we’re constantly on the hunt for the best ways to reach the audiences our brands want to communicate with,” said David Lemieux, Associate Digital Director, re:group. “With an increase in the number of digital channels available and cord-cutting consumer behavior, the avenues of delivery have changed for advertisers. However, the ability to target programmatically wherever the audience is leads to more effective spend and marketing actions–that is still something all our clients are looking for in 2017.”

“Brands are hungry for the next advancement in TV advertising,” commented Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV Solutions, DataXu. “To DataXu, that’s taking audience targeting past basic demographics using OneView. By bringing this capability to self-serve customers, we’re democratizing TV buying: small and mid-sized agencies are able to leverage premium inventory with data targeting and advanced analytics to create a level playing field with more traditional buyers of TV.”