Hrvatski Telekom presents a new generation of MAXtv

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
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Hrvatski Telekom Presented The Television Services Of The Future

  • New generation of MAXtv television services provides the richest content in Europe at a single location, premium picture quality, interactivity, and full integration with mobile devices
  • Customers will be able, by means of a single account, to view programmes on three screens, whilst a personalised TV recommendation system will find contents adapted to their habits
  • All the existing and new customers will get a brand new MAXtv device, providing for a new television viewing experience

Hrvatski Telekom has just presented a new generation of MAXtv television services, which, due to a broad range of functionalities available on Croatian market for the first time, sets a new standard in TV programme viewing experience. The television services are interactive, all the functionalities have been integrated on mobile devices, whilst the new interface provides customers with a unique TV viewing experience fully adapted to their habits. The customers are given the opportunity to watch the best television programmes anytime and anywhere, often whilst they are on the go, and the greatest innovation is the forthcoming personalised TV recommendation system.

Hrvatski Telekom multiscreen MAXtv

TV viewing experience of identical quality is available on all types of screens, whilst a full integration of MAXtv and mobile MAXtv To Go services allows simple and instantaneous switching of the viewed programme amongst different screens anytime. Through the upgraded application, the customers will be able to use their mobile device screens as remote controls for their television sets, simply by switching the programme from their mobile device to a larger screen. Since MAXtv To Go service includes a digital video recorder (DVR), a video library, and a broad range of programmes just like MAXtv, the customers get a total of three digital television services, since they are able to simultaneously follow different programmes on IPTV, their smartphones, and tablet PCs through a single account.

“The new generation of television services provided by Hrvatski Telekom is yet another huge step in our customer experience enhancement. Our television services literally erase the differences between the screens on which the customers wish to follow the television programmes, and we are hence setting a new standard on the market. The broadest range of television programmes in Europe provided by MAXtv is currently accessible to its customers anytime, anywhere, and on any screen”, stated Richard Brešković, Director of the Residential Marketing Sector at Hrvatski Telekom.

The launch of the new service is primarily based on the package with a new set up box that both all the existing and new customers will receive. It includes a new device, HDMI cables for a higher quality of both picture and sound, and a new remote control. It will also enable a higher quality presentation of content, in addition to a simple and instantaneous programme search. Due to a more advanced system of picture coding and connection through HDMI technology, the customers will be provided the highest quality picture on the market, in addition to a higher quality of the most demanding HD experience. All the customers will be provided a significantly superior HD ready picture quality as a standard offer, which additionally improves the viewing experience of sports events and other visually appealing TV programmes.

The new platform is fully adapted and tailored to meet the needs of “on demand” programme viewing, and it enables a simple access to the desired content, which can also be rewound. Moreover, the number of channels on which DVR service can be used has been increased to include also local, sports, and all HBO channels. All the programmes can be found easily and in a simple way, and the greatest innovation is a unique TV recommendation system, which will be based on one’s viewing habits and hence provide personalised recommendations. The selection of the recommended content will be available “on click” on any device used.

According to the survey conducted by Hendal agency on TV viewing habits, there have been irreversible changes. Almost two thirds of customers watch both the television and video content on their smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops, where over one third of them follow various programmes on the go, whilst they are not at home. The general public is no longer satisfied with the passive role of TV content viewing, and as many as 90% of those questioned surf the Internet whilst watching TV. MAXtv has brought together these two experiences in a unique way. Moreover, half of the respondents have pointed out the need for introduction of personalised TV recommendation system that would recommend content to them based on their previously expressed preferences.