XroadMedia helps Nuevo Siglo bring personal TV to consumers in Uruguay

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
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XroadMedia and Nuevo Siglo partner to bring personal TV to consumers in Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO, VIENNA — XroadMedia, specialists in building innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and recommendation solutions, announced today that Nuevo Siglo, a Cable TV Operator in Uruguay, South America, will be offering a personal TV service to consumers in Uruguay by using Ncanto, XroadMedia’s cloud-based content discovery solution.

Nuevo Siglo provides Hybrid DVB-OTT services to its clients with 160 linear TV channels and a VOD content library that exceeds 8,000 titles on its NSNOW platform. The content library contains movies and TV series from multiple content providers and different origins. With such a huge library and versatile content offering, users of the service have a struggling experience finding the content they are interested in. Up to now, the only way to guide the user through Nuevo Siglo’s content library was an editorial selection of programs within a limited number of categories.

To provide a more personal service, Nuevo Siglo have selected XroadMedia’s Ncanto solution, which will help them to discovery more relevant content across the entire range of their cable and OTT services. Ncanto offers personalized recommendations to users in Uruguay based on their viewing behavior, interests and tastes across linear-TV and video on demand services. Users can also enjoy personally relevant content on all devices, delivered to them via Nuevo Siglo’s set-top-boxes and mobile applications. The new service will also allow Nuevo Siglo to strengthen existing and generate new revenue streams thanks to the powerful business and management tools provided by Ncanto.

“We believe that the only way to provide a more enjoyable experience of watching TV and on demand content is to provide to each and every one client what is the best for him or her. We want to minimize the time our users spend in finding what they want, by providing personalization based on their viewing behaviors over linear-TV or VOD content mixed with other business variables. With the help of Ncanto, we will offer our users a selection of content based on a number of concepts, from editorial recommendations, via taking viewing experiences, time of day and other general viewing information in mind, up to relevant trends from the watching behavior from our entire customer base”, says Mario de Oliveira, CTO of Nuevo Siglo. “This approach of personalization opens up new opportunities for Nuevo Siglo to sell more content and bundles, to unify the user experience across all types of content sources and to provide a meaningful way to users to discover relevant content, which they did not know it ever existed in our service offering.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Nuevo Siglo, which marks another milestone in our deployments in Latin America. The technical teams from both companies made it possible to launch the new service before summer by integrating Ncanto into Nuevo Siglo’s platform within just a few weeks” says Adolf Proidl, CEO and Co-Founder of XroadMedia. “We are proud to have found a very innovative and forward-looking partner in Nuevo Siglo and are looking forward to deepen our collaboration in the months and years to come”.

The resulting services of the partnership between Nuevo Siglo and XroadMedia will be rolled out from June 2017 onwards, with more functionalities and personalization to follow. Both companies are convinced that this partnership opens up new possibilities for more personalized products and services in the offering of Nuevo Siglo in the future.