XroadMedia introduces AI-powered content discovery tools

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023 
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XroadMedia Introduces New AI Tools to Power Enjoyable TV Experiences

VIENNA — The leading personalization specialists, XroadMedia, today have announced the latest updates for their clients utilizing their content discovery solution. Easy to use back-end tools, improved voice search capabilities and enhanced AI for metadata and dynamic user interfaces.

Watching TV has become more about spending time looking for something to watch, across different sources and within services. With captivating rows and relevant suggestions, AI-enhanced personalization can help reduce this burden and assist viewers in finding the content they can enjoy quicker. At XroadMedia, we want to bring back the joy to users of entertainment services.

An example of captivating row titles created by generative AI

From service providers’ teams to end-users, the new features benefit a wide range of product updates, including AI enhancements to enrich metadata, adding generative AI to create natural language row titles and supporting different conversational searches. The search updates are in addition to the existing personalized search results, which support viewer preferences and fit with the service provider’s business rules. The seamless voice search allows viewers to ask follow-up questions to narrow down their results even further based on a multitude of keywords and categorizations.

AI-enhanced metadata ensures consistent, transparent, and accurate recommendations for the end-users that are tailor-made to increase engagement. Deliver personal rows with emotive, descriptive titles created by generative AI that highlight viewers’ hidden interests and preferences.

For content, product and editorial teams, XroadMedia have developed new tools for their back-end solution, Piloto, for service providers to easily implement changes within their UI, deploy personalized marketing, including notifications and emails, as well as effortlessly A/B testing through their platforms. These tools have been created in a way that there is no need for any training or technical background. This allows for total control by content and editorial teams, enabling them to make changes to particular pages, rows, notifications, emails and more.

“We’re really excited about bringing the next level of ease of operation and management to the clients of our real-time solution, as we include generative AI where it adds the most value for innovative use cases that drive joy and transparency for consumers. Creating engaging experiences for large multi-media catalogs, spanning video, audio, and (textual) news, has never been easier and more business focused than with our latest release of Ncanto. With the major uptake of AI within services, I am particularly looking forward to showcasing this at our stand during IBC this year.” Adolf Proidl, Co-founder and CEO, XroadMedia

The XroadMedia team are demoing their innovative personalization on their booth at the IBC Show in Content Everywhere Hall, stand number 5.H62.

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