Legend Silicon Releases 3rd Generation DTV Demodulator Chip

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Taps SMIC Process for New Improvements to China’s High-definition DTV Era

SHANGHAI, China — Legend Silicon Corp., the leading silicon solution company for digital broadcasting and broadband wireless communications, recently announced a new, all-mode DTV demodulator chip for China’s latest DTV standards. This chip, a 3rd generation all-mode product, becomes the most functional and complete all-mode chip currently on the market.

With its industry-leading single-carrier and multi-carrier performance, the LGS-8G52 is the first and most ideal 2-in-1 chip solution on the Chinese DTV market. In addition to its various carrier features, this chip allows system solutions to be smaller, more elegant, and more cost-efficient. Fully compliant with the China Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting System Standard (GB20600-2006), the LGS-8G52 was created with advanced process technology. Utilizing Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.’s one- stop service, the LGS-8G52 surpasses the previous two generations of products with its flawless support of HD/SD TV and other multimedia-based services, and is ideal for use with integrated Digital Television (iDTV) and set-top-boxes (STB).

”As was the case with the previous two generations of products, the LGS-8G52 was the result of a comprehensive commitment to improvement and enhancement,” said Dr. Dong Hong, Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Legend Silicon Corp. ”However, the LGS-8G52, which functions as a single-carrier or multi-carrier chip, was manufactured by a much more advanced process technology. Thanks to SMIC’s advanced technologies and excellent IP, we were able to achieve high yields and lower costs and thus the capability to meet all kinds of end customers’ needs.”

Esther Liu, Vice President, Marketing & Sales of SMIC, said, ”Congratulations to Legend Silicon on its successful release of the national standard 2-in-1 chip. We were glad to cooperate with Legend Silicon in its effort to industrialize China’s DTV standard. Moreover, we were pleased to be able to provide the product in a timely manner in order to meet international technology trends and market demands. We believe that the LGS-8G52 will be a leading-edge device for a wide range of end-customers seeking to improve their positions in the DTV market. SMIC will continue to support the DTV industry with our specialized manufacturing service.”