You.i TV adding support for React Native

Friday, July 28th, 2017
You.i TV logo

You.i TV demonstrates the ability to take React Native to new platforms leveraging the power of You.i Engine

  • Opens door for extended cross-platform reach and a rich designer workflow

OTTAWA, Ontario — You.i TV, a global leader in video experience platforms, today announced support for React Native as a development framework on top of You.i Engine. With growing demand for a consistent development strategy to bridge mobile and 10-foot platforms, developers now have more flexibility in how they build You.i Engine video applications. Support for React Native, the Facebook-backed open source Javascript project, will be available in the first half of 2018.

By extending the React Native platform support to include You.i Engine, the same developer experience can be applied across mobile, streaming pucks, gaming consoles and smart TVs. Through You.i Engine, developers achieve native performance through a hardware accelerated rendering pipeline and have access to a fully-featured app development framework, including a rich designer workflow, for consistently extending React Native capabilities across all screens.

“We are in the business of delivering ‘fan first experiences’ and React Native is helping us make that happen by consolidating development for our iOS and Android mobile platforms,” said Matthew Drooker, Senior Vice President, Platform Technology, Products & Operations at Turner. “We are now able to extend our mobile development strategy so that we can reach every screen and platform. This single development approach for all of our platforms is a game changer for how we can deliver unique and memorable experiences for our fans.”

“At You.i TV our founding principles are to enable the seamless delivery of beautiful user experiences, consistently to every screen,” said Andrew Emmons, VP Engineering at You.i TV. “Central to that is enabling developers to work with the tools they know and love – making React Native support a natural extension for our community.”