Com Hem and TMPL cooperate on smart home services

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 
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Com Hem Initiates Cooperation On Smart Homes

Com Hem and TMPL have signed a cooperative agreement to be able to jointly offer digital services that include smart homes, energy monitoring, service provision and social interaction to Com Hem’s customers.

TMPL provides a platform for the integration of various digital services to residents. The service platform is offered to landlords and housing associations in Sweden and will contribute to an improved experience for residents and will simplify administration for landlords. The agreement entails that Com Hem will be TMPL’s exclusive partner for distribution to customers in the landlord segment.

“We are noting strong interest from our landlord clients as to how they might benefit from digital services. Our focus is always on unleashing the power for our customers and we are convinced that, through this cooperation, we will be able to add additional value for residents and for landlords,” says Stefan Trampus, Director of Sales at Com Hem.

Using the service platform, landlords will be able to easily administer information, manage rent payments and offer various services for greater community interaction. Apart from being able to book laundry times and find information about their homes, residents will also be able to order groceries, book or share vehicles and order food from their local restaurant.

“The property sector is facing a major adjustment, where the challenge is to use the potential of digitisation in the homes of the future. We are driven by the belief that the digital offering for residents will become equally as important as the physical offering. The cooperation with Com Hem will accelerate this process and means that more people will soon be offered better living standards,” says Eric Anderbjörk, CEO of TMPL.

The cooperation with Com Hem has been under way since 2016 through a number of pilot projects, but is now entering the next phase as the service starts to be adapted to Com Hem’s customers. The launch will take place in the autumn of 2017.