3READY Android TV from 3SS powers Proximus Pickx

Friday, December 20th, 2019
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3READY Android TV From 3SS Powers New TV Service Proximus Pickx

  • Proximus, the largest telco and multiservice provider in Belgium with over 1.8 million subscribers, has chosen 3READY Android TV from 3SS for its new TV offering Proximus Pickx, launched to first pilot customers in October 2019
  • Multiple award winning 3READY Custom Launcher is helping Proximus to optimize its Android TV™ Operator Tier based service, including Netflix, in Europe’s first-ever Android P deployment
  • 3SS reinforced agile development processes including SAFe methodologies which have transformed Proximus’ ability to devise and deploy service innovations

STUTTGART, Germany — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-tox box (STB) and multiscreen digital entertainment, announces that Proximus, Belgium’s largest telco and multi-service provider, has selected the powerful 3READY Android TV solution for its recently launched Proximus Pickx next generation IPTV service based on Android TV™ Operator Tier.

Proximus 3SS UX screen

Proximus Pickx, Europe’s first Android P based TV project, had its pilot launch in October, offering subscribers a wide array of state-of-the-art user features, tied together in a customizable user experience enabled by 3READY. Proximus Pickx satisfies the expectations and requirements of the broadest possible range of viewers, helping them find the content they want by marrying the TV guide with next-generation personalized TV.

Proximus Pickx offers a highly diverse range of content, a vast programming library, with ground-breaking functionality, featuring live-TV, catchup, VOD, apps including Netflix, games via cloud and local content all available in one unified platform. Content discovery is further simplified for subscribers with voice control, using ThinkAnalytics recommendation engine and Google Assistant, powered by Technicolor middleware and STB.

Additionally, 3SS has helped Proximus reinforce its product development processes by applying the principles of agile development, including SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) methodologies.

“We knew that if we really wanted to give our subscribers a truly great TV experience, with all the Android apps they love, plus Google TV Services including Chromecast and Google Assistant, while also being able to launch our own features, we needed to choose Android TV Operator Tier,” said Thierry Demoor, Head of Applications and Service Platforms at Proximus. “This has been a game-changer,” he added, “and with the help of 3SS, we are delivering a highly engaging, world-class personal TV service to our viewers.”

3SS’ award-winning 3READY front end and UI framework solution delivers an ultra-intuitive and adaptive UI that enables a captivating, unified experience across content sources and devices. 3READY is optimized for Android TV Operator Tier STB projects; it is highly flexible and pre-engineered to deliver today’s most compelling functional requirements. 3READY Android TV supports remote controls with and without numerical keypads. With 3READY, an operator can introduce branded services faster with a state-of-the-art application architecture ready to customize to business needs. Operators’ marketing objectives are thus supported, while giving world-class entertainment experiences to subscribers.

The 3READY Custom Launcher enables operators to reap the maximum potential of Android TV deployments. Proximus Pickx viewers can enjoy a much richer user experience than with a standard launcher, with customization and featuring Proximus branding. The seamless integration of Netflix and all Google TV Services such as YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Assistant and Chromecast, along with cloud gaming (launching in 2020), means that Proximus Pickx subscribers can enjoy a leading-edge, all-embracing entertainment service.

Targeting and A/B testing capabilities in 3READY empower Proximus to quickly and clearly understand what new features will appeal to viewers, leading to faster and more successful product enhancements and launches.

Total entertainment in three languages plus Google Assistant voice control

Over time, Proximus is set to become one of the largest Android TV Operator Tier deployments in the world. Leveraging the new capabilities enabled by Android P, and of 3READY, Proximus Pickx will offer a personalized experience to subscribers with:

  • Network PVR
  • Auto-download of Google Play Store apps at start-up (rather than requiring a factory install)
  • Advanced trick-play
  • Netflix integration with Direct Carrier Billing
  • Safe default parental controls for UI and Google Assistant which deliver extra security and monitoring for children’s viewing, even when parental control is not proactively user-managed
  • Addressable TV advertising (launching in 2020)
  • User-managed subscription management and TV ordering functionality, including Netflix
  • Cloud gaming (launching in 2020)
  • Three-language support: English, Dutch and French, including Google Assistant operation

Proximus specified that Proximus Pickx should provide a new way of watching TV and searching, with personalized content discovery, alongside a TV guide. Another new feature is ‘Broadcaster Corners’ enabled by 3READY’s page branding capability. With this feature the operator can change the colours, images and themes of pages to create broadcaster-specific, branded micro-environments within the experience.

The solution for Proximus is drawing on 3SS’ unmatched track record in major multiple award-winning international Android TV based system deployments. This includes Swisscom TV 2.0 in 2014, since updated to Swisscom TV OS4, Canal Digital OnePlace and Com Hem TV Hub, both launched in 2018.

The benefits of SAFe

Proximus is additionally benefiting from the reinforcement of agile project delivery practices, assisted by 3SS. Agile methodologies allow individual teams to dramatically reduce lead time between definition and delivery of a product, cutting waste and enhancing quality

A core paradigm is the use of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). SAFe takes agile development to the next level, enabling scaling and broadening of reach, blending in third parties for major delivery projects. SAFe is becoming widely recognized for its ability to accelerate and optimize large scale system deployments.

SAFe makes delivery a more iterative process than seen in traditional development, and involves frequent regular communication, from daily stand-up meetings to reviews and retrospectives. SAFe adds cross-party planning meetings, cross-team objectives, and common risk management. All members of the broader team have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, inter-dependencies and are highly motivated to make a project be successful. The result is faster-time to market and higher quality and reliability of services.

“We are so proud to have been entrusted by such a world-class leader as Proximus,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS. “We are excited to be helping to bring next-generation TV experiences to consumers in Belgium.”