Broadpeak video delivery added to 3SS entertainment ecosystem

Thursday, June 25th, 2020
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3SS And Broadpeak Partner To Enable Ultimate Android TV Viewing Experience

  • 3SS pre-integrates Broadpeak’s video delivery solutions within the 3READY Entertainment Ecosystem

STUTTGART, Germany — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes (STB) and multiscreen entertainment, and Broadpeak, leading provider of video streaming solutions, announce they have integrated technologies to enable superior Android TV viewing experiences.

Broadpeak is the latest technology innovator to join 3SS’ new 3READY Entertainment Ecosystem, an all-in portfolio of complementary capabilities, technical deployment options, key vendor partnership and integration network, all built around the multiple award winning 3SS’ 3READY Android TV Front end-UI/UX Framework.

Broadpeak is bringing to the Ecosystem its innovative video delivery software solutions, including S4Streaming, Broadpeak’s server-side controlled ABR (adaptive bitrate) streaming solution that gives video service providers full control over their managed networks and the video Quality of Experience (QoE) they provide to their subscribers.

Recently launched S4Streaming is now pre-integrated with 3READY. This results in a powerful collaborative platform for broadcasters and operators who aim to launch and/or optimize their next-gen Android TV-based ABR video services.

“S4Streaming integrated with 3READY enables comprehensive control and efficiencies over the entire quality of the Android TV user experience, optimizing what the viewer sees on-screen, and how they interact with it, while ensuring best possible video delivery and playback,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak.

“We are teaming up because we share the same goal, namely to provide our customers with maximum flexibility and control over their service quality, so that they can deliver the ultimate Android TV viewing experiences on any device,” said Pierre Donath, 3SS Chief Product Officer.

S4Streaming integrated with 3READY: Maximum flexibility, control and resource efficiencies

3READY is the increasingly popular front end UI solution – now delivering advanced TV experiences in 10 million homes worldwide – for operators and broadcasters planning to launch superior, customized Android TV-based services on multiple devices, with customer-centric innovation.

3READY Control Center provides targeting and A/B testing capabilities so service providers can quickly and clearly understand what new features will appeal to viewers. Providers additionally realize resource efficiencies through the ability to remotely manage all STB and multiscreen apps in a unified way, all from one location.

Meanwhile, through a powerful combination of server-side technologies, S4Streaming accurately assesses available bandwidth at any given moment and uses operator-defined business rules to select the stream with the appropriate quality. This enables control over the video QoE and optimizes usage of network resources. This additionally enables the use of multiresolution even in a low-latency context.

Understanding subscriber’s ‘context’ is key to delivering ultimate experience

The unique value of this Broadpeak-3SS integration results from 3READY’s ability to capture rich real-time information about the user’s context (subscriber’s identification and profile, device used, content type, etc.) and to make it available to S4Streaming.

Thanks to 3READY’s live context understanding, S4Streaming gets a more comprehensive snapshot of the viewer’s contextual information. This feeds its business rules engine, which can more rapidly and accurately understand and analyze what the viewer is doing and in turn make well-informed stream selection decisions.

By harnessing this extra-granular information, S4Streaming allows service providers to give priority to certain devices, subscribers, or content, when arbitrating allocation of network resources.

3SS is increasingly regarded as the go-to experts in Android TV. February 2020 saw the announcement that Altibox chose 3READY to enhance its upcoming Android TV service. 3SS delivered the world’s first major Android-based service, Swisscom TV 2.0, in 2014, since updated to Swisscom TV OS4. Canal Digital OnePlace and Com Hem TV Hub followed in 2018, then 2019’s announced projects, Uruguay’s TCC and, for Belgium’s largest service provider, Proximus Pickx.