V-Nova PERSEUS 2 integrated with the THEOplayer Universal Player

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
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Integration of V-Nova PERSEUS™ 2 with THEOplayer Universal Player maximises picture quality across all HTML5 platforms

  • The THEOplayer Universal Video Player extends V-Nova PERSEUS 2’s support to any HTML5 environment such as browsers and connected devices
  • THEOplayer is today’s best performing HTML5 based video player for online services, including web and mobile devices
  • The integrated solution, to be unveiled during IBC 2017, simplifies the launch and reach of new services, allowing Operators and Service Providers to deploy device agnostic PERSEUS-enabled streaming services on all HTML5-capable platforms

LONDON — V-Nova Ltd. & THEO Technologies today announced the availability of PERSEUS 2 decoding capabilities with THEOplayer, the most complete, performant and innovative cross-platform video player in the market. The joint solution allows Operators and Service Providers to deploy the most efficient streaming services at the best picture quality within the largest standard cross-platform environment: HTML5. The solution will make its debut at IBC 2017, where it will be demonstrated on the THEOplayer’s stand #14.M32 and V-Nova’s stand #11.B30u.

The joint solution combines the next-generation compression performance of V-Nova PERSEUS 2 with THEOplayer Universal Video Player’s ability to consistently deliver the highest viewer experience across web and mobile web and its compatibility with all HTML5 online environments. For Operators and Service Providers this equates to the best possible user experience and picture quality, increased reach and retention, while at the same time minimising the costs of delivery and platform support.

“Ubiquity of high-quality service delivery is fundamental to the business of Content Owners and TV Operators and this means support across the widest ecosystem of devices on all delivery networks,” said Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder of V-Nova. “Unique to PERSEUS and contrary to typical codec generational cycles, we designed PERSEUS 2 to be even lighter and to make it compatible with a wide range of environments, including HTML5-based browsers. Integration with THEOplayer demonstrates how quickly best in class technologies can come together to provide a pre-integrated, turnkey solution that combines top performance for all media types with a truly universal player for all connected devices, both online and on mobile web.”

V-Nova PERSEUS 2 addresses the real bottlenecks of IP video delivery, allowing for better viewing experiences across all data networks. Designed to provide enhanced platform support, the solution enables operators to quickly benefit from the core efficiencies of high quality encoding. This is particularly valuable for new broadcasters offering video-hungry services such as social media applications. V-Nova PERSEUS 2 maintains full compatibility with the rest of the delivery workflows, such as DRMs, streaming protocols like HLS and DASH, ad-insertion and other processes. Coupled with the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) savings associated with bandwidth and profile reduction, V-Nova PERSEUS 2 is the most cost effective solution for next-generation service deployment today.

The award-winning THEOplayer Universal Video Player is a video playback solution developed by THEO Technologies, a trusted partner for the world’s premier telcos, broadcasters and publishers. Through THEOplayer, THEO Technologies aims to facilitate the perfect video experiences on any platform or device, at any time and everywhere. The solution empowers publishers, video publishers, telcos and broadcasters to monetise their content and to deliver cutting edge video experiences to their audiences.

“We believe video should be readily available to everyone, on whatever device or platform, and HTML5 has granted operators and service providers with a unique opportunity to deliver on this pledge. We developed the Universal Video Player to deliver the highest quality of experience across all of these platforms” said Steven Tielemans, CEO and co-founder of THEOplayer. “We are excited to announce our partnership with V-Nova, who shares and is already putting into practice our belief in the importance of video encoding. Our partnership enables us to take this potential one step further and to offer a joint solution that works across all media types and on all devices – a fundamental requirement in today’s video environment.”