NEOTION steps into the IoT landscape

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Connect, transform and secure your private network into Future proofed IoT World

AUBAGNE, France — As the Internet of Things is changing the way we live, work and think, NEOTION proposes products and services improving business intelligence, operational performance and productivity across virtually vertical industries and market segments around the world.

NEOTION offers convenient simple and convergent DASH7-based IoT connectivity combined with other platform services that reduce complexity, risk, time-to-market and cost of any IoT deployment.


Whether you’re just starting out or already managing thousands of connected devices, NEOTION offers custom, cost-effective wireless IoT solutions for making your private network IoT securely future driven.

“We provide innovation attitude around our security know-how and experience of more than 15 years in securing and protecting contents and data with key industrial partners in the digital TV industry, as a complete end-to-end service to our customers.” said Olivier Demoly, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at NEOTION. “We are developing a module technology suite for Industrials which transforms private networks into future driven secured IoT wireless networks”.

NEOTION’s SDK platform can be embedded directly into IoT devices, enabling data integration and orchestration directly on the device, as well as connecting to IoT cloud services and other back-end applications in the datacenter or cloud. With professional integration and security services, NEOTION transforms ordinary devices, into IoT future proofed connected devices.

NEOTION’s IoT module suites can be deployed inside gateway as IoT devices that capture or generate data, such as sensors, and back-end applications that reduce with embedded AI the transfer of Data. Our IoT service Platform communicates via multi protocols including DASH7, Zigbee and others, or to sensor gateways via end to end Secured data channels, allowing you to scale, connect, manage and analyze data from thousands of devices at the edge of your network and reducing TCO by enabling new eco systems and adding possible new recurrent revenues.

“Connecting all of the devices in distributed locations (e.g. Logistics, manufacturing or smart cities, smart buildings, including Video and Audio, NEOTION has the competence to offer end-to-end Integration of thousands of locations to your back-office and performing remote management from your central location. ” added Olivier Demoly.


Precise – DASH7 was designed to support precise indoor location from the outset, in combination with RSSI-based location engines. Precise to within 1 meter indoors, DASH7 offers an unparalleled combination of location accuracy, low power, and low cost for mobile advertising, mobile commerce, and other indoor or yard-based location applications.

Secure – DASH7 was designed with security in mind from the beginning. DASH7 enables “cloaking” of devices and enables them to remain “invisible” until an approved device initiates a communication. Neotion will extend its CAS security integration into the chip knowing that DASH7 supports AES 128 cryptography, including public key encryption, as well as other private- and public-key cryptography standards.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence – By integrating AI into the IoT hardware and platform, objects connected to the cloud Platform can develop their own cybersecurity behavior and make safer decisions. Objects with these IoT chips produce a huge amount of Big Data that when analyzed with AI can help industrial applications to compile data communication and predict the failure of equipment before it happens.

Inexpensive – DASH7 components are inexpensive. Single chip silicon can be purchased in volume less than $2 each, while coin cell batteries, antenna. Your unique requirements will determine the ultimate cost structure of your products, but DASH7 is highly competitive with other wireless protocols. In addition, DASH7 is an open standard, which means your network will not be “locked” into a single company’s proprietary (i.e. expensive) solution but rather will have multiple supply options for components, products, software, and services.

Interoperable – As an open standard using multiple frequencies, DASH7 stands apart from the competition. Unlike standards that specify only two layers of the OSI stack, DASH7 defines up to seven layers, which means getting your DASH7 device to interoperate with another company’s DASH7 device is just massively easier. NEOTION also is member of the DASH7 Alliance whose primary mission is to test for conformance and interoperability across DASH7 vendors.